[Fixed] Error opening chest

Twice I have crashed opening this chest. I am sure it is because there are 10 glyphs in it…

Is this a chest you used a Minion for? If so, which Minion? Or was it sped up with food?

Minion - Pussbag
I don’t think is was sped up with food.
Level 56 Gold chest.

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And what was your name code? So the team can squiz your data to see what’s happening in this chest.


It is in chest slot 1.

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Lot of salvaging going on in your battle data, 500+ in 8 hours!

The RE error itself, when searched, says this chest doesn’t exist, so the team is currently looking through to see if this error is occurring because this chest has already been salvaged and not been removed from your Chest slots or if it is something like duplicate chest data.
So that chest doesn’t exist, which throws the error.

Found the cause! Team is working to fix this on your account.

After you next relaunch this should now be fixed for you!

All better, thanks. Disappointing loot though.