[Reported] Crashes When Opening (Seasonal?) Chests

Hi Team,

I am experiencing crash errors when attempting to open chests from the tavern. I think the chests in question are from Season 1.2, but I am not 100% sure (can’t see the chest source from a chest that is 100% ready to open in the tavern). This has happened to me multiple times since the latest update landed.

Example crash codes:

I and many others in our kingdom have experienced the same, at least a dozen+ mentions of it in game chatter. To the best of my knowledge it is always related to Seasonal Chests. Here are the 4 errors that we have remembered to screencap:

@tau brought up a good point that it might be related to the Flametree Dagger, as not a single member of our kingdom (at least so far as we know) has retrieved one yet.


That’s a really good point. It’s also the only piece of gear I have not yet seen drop. I wonder if the chest that I cannot open in my inventory (that now causes crashes on demand) contains this dagger.

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I believe the loot is not predetermined and is genetated every time you’re trying to open the chest. When its a dagger, you get an error again, and when you get another set of loot, you can finally open the chest.
I’ve opened my ruby seasonal chest on 2nd try, other people reported that you can get an error multiple times.


I think that’s exactly what happened with me. Let the game sit for a couple of hours, attempted to open the chest and voila… it opened, no dagger, and no crash.

Guess I finally was “lucky” enough to not roll the dagger in the chest and the game stopped crashing thereafter.

So this is what seems to be happening logically. I have had it happen on all of my seasonal chests that i tried to open today.

@Jeto can someone look into this?

Also strange is that it is throwing such an assortment of error codes


Thank you for reporting this issue! I have reported this to the dev team and they are looking in to getting a fix out asap!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Adding to the pile. I have had this issue 5 or 6 times. I still dont have the dagger, but do have about 4 of all of the other pieces.

Just successfully pulled a seasonal dagger from a chest. Issue fixed?

Also got one. I can’t help but wonder what color/rarity the previous 6 I “could” have looted would have been.