[Fixed] Season cache opening isnt counted anymore under season goals

Season 1.2: My last status of season goals for opening caches was 10/20. 2 days ago I opened 3 Flametree caches which were not counted. Today I opened an Enhanced cache which was not counted too! So still 10/20!
In season 1.1 this didn’t occur.


I just opened 6 caches and they weren’t counted towards the X/20 goal. I also just evolved a seasonal minion to rare and even though I now have 2 of this seasons minions at rare level, the goal for that hasn’t progressed either.
At the same time the story progress goals are progressing as are the Win XX season skirmish or dungeon battles.

Edit:I just upgraded another non-seasonal minion and now the seasonal goal has progressed.
Still no luck on the cache opening goal.

It seems like everyone stuck on this goal, it does not increase after 10 caches

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To @Jeto
Though bug not solved yet we need an intermediate information:
Can we still open chests and it is counted in background and actualized under goals later
Must we wait to further open chests?


Hey @Jeto we really need an answer to @Egara question.
I don’t want to open any more chests and till we know the answer.

Hey @Egara and @Intelligent

I’ve checked in and heard back from the Development Team about this issue. Opening the chests doesn’t count in the background I’m afraid. We’ll need to wait until a fix is issued for the bug for the chest to start counting.

No update yet as to when this issue will be fixed. Once I have any news on when this bug will be fixed I’ll post an update here.

Apologise for the delayed response and thank you for your continued patience on this!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thank you for responding. Let’s hope this is fixed by the end of the current season or maybe everyone could just be gifted some lava flowers instead.

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I bought 1 cache, and then bought 15 in a single transaction. The counter went up to 16 and gave me the associated rewards, but now it won’t go up any further

Hey all,

The fix for this is in the process of being released!

Once you exit the Season and re-enter this should refresh and the next time you open a cache it will start counting again towards this Goal.

Please let us know after 24 hours (just to be sure), if you are still not seeing the Goal progress :sparkles:

@AeonNhiyr in the meantime, can I have your name code & I’ll have a suss at your account.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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I just bought 2 caches and they were counted towards the goal. I’m now at 12/20

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I bought 5 or 6 Season Caches that weren’t counted. Now it’s counting but it would be nice and fair if the devs can send 300 or 400 lava flowers as a gift to all because of this.

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Yesterday I started again opening season caches. They were correctly counted now.
@Jeto: I had 4 caches which weren’t counted.
Could you consider any compensation?

I want compensating for the THREE lots of superior weapon shards I’ve received. :frowning_face:

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delayed update on what’s with compensation.

Compensation has been sent to everyone with Seasons unlocked at level 20+ who signs into the game before Weekly reset on Tuesday, August 30th (Australian time). If you don’t see please close and relaunch Puzzle Quest 3.

It will contain the Goal reward itself for 30 Lava Flowers.

Appreciate all your patience while we got this corrected.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


The Goal reward is 30 flowers for people without gold/platinum passes. This is not an accurate compensation for those that have those purchased upgrades.

30 flowers is the reward for opening 20 caches so the compensation is fine and some people will be better off if they still manage to have 20 caches counted.