[Fixed] Season 1.5 goal rewards are available for collecting again

I completed some seasonal goals like:

  • Have 2 minions at rare
  • Have 3 items at rare

I collected the rewards and all was good. However, twice today I was able to collect the rewards for the same goals.
The first time it happened I wasn’t sure if it was the same goal. After happening second time, now I know it is a bug.

It doesn’t seem to affect all goals because I have also “Open 5/10 seasonal caches” and “Complete Chapter 1 on Normal” which remain as collected.

I don’t have steps to reproduce. I just joined in the morning, did the KD attacks and I got the rewards.
Went to work, came back from work, opened the game, did another battle - have the rewards again. This time it was Season 1.3 story battle.

Or maybe something else is happening:

  1. I receive the rewards.
  2. I collect them. It appears as if I used them and made progress towards the goals.
  3. Next time I login, the collection of rewards is not accounted for, nor the progress and I have to repeat point 2.

I’ll be more observant now, and I’ll update if I have more information.

In case it is relevant: Android 12, Samsung Galaxy S10+

And it happened third time. I have screenshots.

  1. Rewards availble to collect

  2. Number of caches bought so far

  3. Confirmation that the rewards are collected

  4. Buying 4 more caches

  5. New rewards to collect after the purchase

  6. Cache count in goals after the purchase

Frankly, it looks like progress for goals stopped getting saved/updated at some point. For me, it looks like this bug is affecting all my goals that I’ve made progress on today. Every time I’ve popped back into the game, whatever goal progress I made in my last session is not reflected in my next session, even including my seasonal skirmish/dungeon count. So in other words, the seasonal skirmishes/dungeons I’ve completed have been erased and I have to redo those for that seasonal goal. The other weird thing is that when I completed one of those seasonal skirmishes, it triggered the minion goal to be completed even though I did not gain a new minion. Maybe it’s because my minion goal was reset, but I still had the minion. So yeah, basically, it looks like NONE of the “counters” for ANY of the seasonal goals are getting saved in between sessions, resulting in all goals being affected as far as I’ve been able to tell.

Maybe I have missed the word but it is the same with the questpass.

Mine is completed so I haven’t experienced it with the pass.

Indeed, it affects the questpass too.

Update on this issue, we found the problem and it Goal and Quest Pass progress did not save from yesterday around 12:20 PM AEDT.

From your next login, this should be resolved but it will have your Goal and Quest Pass progress back where they were prior to this issue, any claimed rewards though will still be on your account


It seems that now it is working properly. Good job.

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I also confirm that the issue is fixed. Thank you!


I can also confirm that the bug appears to be squashed!
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