[Fixed] Completing season 1.5 chapter 2 does not trigger goal

I completed season 1.5 chapter 1 right at the time of the goal-bug, so I got the prize but when the bug was fixed the goal was left as incomplete. I didn’t give it much importance since I did collect the reward. However, now after completing Chapter 2 this happened:

It seems that “Complete Season Chapter 2” does not look for that chapter’s completion, but it triggers upon chapter completion instead. And since the chapter 1 is not registered as completed… Then I cannot claim the reward.

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Same situation for me.

Hey all,

The team is working on getting a fix out for this, they spotted it before I got a chance to report it!

Update: We will be releasing a fix for this within the next day or so but there won’t be an in-game mail notification. So keep an eye out for that goal being available to collect

Fixed. Thank you very much!