[Reported] New Season 2.3 / End of Season 2.2 bugs


I know a couple of players have posted 2 of the below bugs but I just want to make you aware that there are more bugs then the 2 that have been posted and this is wide spread with a number of players not receiving the below rewards.

Season 2.2

  1. My remaining season 2.2 currency (approx 3,300) has not converted into Ancient Coins.
  2. Have not received my End of Season 2.2 bank resources. Have checked the collected tab in my mail so I have definitely not received it.

Season 2.3

  1. Chapter 1 Goal Reward does not unlock when completing chapter 1.

Please be aware that these bugs are not just affecting me so this needs to be investigated further to work out how many players have been affected.


These are both issues that have already been reported in their own threads. I will close this duplicate thread so any replies to these issues are in one place.

Thank you for sharing them!

Missing Mail

Missing Goal

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