[Reported] Haven't recieved Season Has Ended Bank Email for 2.2

Alot of people are talking about this (they got theirs at reset), I haven’t received one yet. Mine should have about 2,000 coins in it, plus the 500 gems, food, ore, and such. So I’m hoping to get it.

Can you share your invite code so we can check your uncollected/collected mail?


Handle is - Kenpo_Kid69

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@Jeto I didn’t receive my Seasonal Bank resources nor did my season tokens convert to Ancient Coins. Other people are reporting the same dilemma.

Are you also on PlayStation @hbellis17?

(This has been reported to the team already as a high priority issue)


Yeah, its all over the PSN ingame chat (channel 1). Seems to be affecting quite a few people. Alot of people did get their rewards though.

Invite code: BRONX_EUGP Didn’t get mine either and the token to ancient coins didn’t happen and didn’t get the goal reward for completing chapter 1 in season 2.3
I’m on steam.

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Hi @jeto, I didn’t receive the resources from the ending of season 2.2 either. I checked both my phone and PC accounts, no email. SARUVAT_VFVR.

Me too. On IOS. Reported via ticket. NYRPHAME_TRTS

No, I’m using Steam on my Windows laptop and my android phone. I was on my phone at reset.

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I didn’t get mine.
Android 13

Fix is on the way - no further reports needed

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