[WORKING ON A FIX] Completing one side quest completes all sidequest Goals

I completed the first sidequest (I’m currently in Chapter 1) and I immediately received the checkmarks for all sidequests for all chapters. This gives me a +0.1% gold bonus 10 times.

So you completed chapter 1 and did the side quest for Eveline? Did you do the side quest straight away after it unlocked?

Trying to think what triggered it. I started Eveline side quest but exited out and played some more of the next chapter and didn’t get those goals marked.

I completed the Eveline side quest before completing Chapter 1.

That’s weird. I’ve played the Chapter 1 Eveline side quest on three different characters, and have not encountered this bug.

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Agree with @Lyrian that this is weird. Done multiple sidequests on multiple characters including sidequest 1 before chapter 1 and this didn’t happen to me.

Enjoy the small bonus? :slight_smile:

Just completed the Toragon sidequest in chapter 2 and had the same thing happen. I’ve completed the Evaline sidequest in chapter 1 with 3 characters and the Evaline sidequest for chapter 2 with 1 character before this happened.

Happened to me too. I did side quests almost immediately after noticing them and all checkmarks triggered at once.

We are working on a fix for this issue.