[Reported] Mythic Khazduli minion upgrade not counted under season goals

I made a mythic upgrade fir the Khazduli steam bomb. But it was not counted under season goals and therefore no rewards.
If devs assume the upgrade should be mythic 50 this is essentially missing information and knowing this I would not have done.
Please correct before putting season to archive!

I made a season battle now and suddenly the minion upgrade was documented now: popup- window appeared, rewards available and percentage increased.

I can confirm this exact scenario happened to me as well. Upgrade made, no credit. I posted about it, then did a battle and then I got credit. So it does appear to be a bug of sorts.

Hey all,

Passed this on to the team last week, sorry I didn’t post a quick update at the time!

A fix is coming will be coming for this, but won’t make it in with 1.2 but at the earliest the hot fix after.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Worked out the same for me as well. - :cookie: