[Fixed] Season 1.2 chests (and items) dropping from Season 1.3 dungeon battles

Just as the topic says, from my first Season 1.3 dungeon battle:

From my second dungeon battle chest:

From another dungeon chest:

And another:

I restarted twice in between these drops. The dungeon symbol on the chest is for the Flametree dungeon.

@Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan Hopefully this can be fixed promptly.

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Same here. We demand a swift hotfix to solve this problem.


Been following this issue since another thread about a similar issue popped up, but we have found the problem specifically affecting the 1.3 Season rewards and chests and will have a fix for this out soon!

Jeto - Support Human :mage:

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Thanks for the info and protecting us from “more anger against the game” after opening first 1.3 chests :slight_smile:
EDIT: @Sibelios I got this from my dungeon fight: