Logic behind 3.0 changes

I feel like the economy would get really out of whack really fast if they sold 5 glyphs for IGC only. While yes it would work to getting more glyphs into the hands of players, the ones who need them are younger/newer players and not necessarily ones who are already spenders. I think if they offered some of these for gold (as I menitoned in my post here that could ease some of the lift on a newer/not end game player.

I havent personally messed with most honing. I found my weapons are ok on the carryover, and if I get something better than hey thats great. I am seeing more success in dragon for myself, which is enough of a lift for me currently. I am not a player that enjoys PVP so I have not experienced frustration in that any more than I originally had (ie - I dont like it :smile: )