Logic behind 3.0 changes

@Jeto I know you and the team are swamped, but I thought I’d try my luck and tag you anyway.

There are parts of this update that make lots of sense, and a few that really don’t.

Battle scrolls.
This, like the spellbook, kind of makes sense. Treating the warrior and the weapon as two separate entities has a certain logic to it: in real life a great sword is no help to a novice with no training.

But, the number of glyphs needed to get a scroll to level 50 is insane. Armour glyphs alone are 96 PER HERO - it’s bonkers. I understand that you as a company have to keep making money, and maybe the reason behind all of this was that people weren’t buying enough glyphs from the evolution bundles, but there’s such a thing as fairness.

Upgrading a scroll could have been done with one glyph per level, and maybe the last 5 levels needing 2.

I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get their gear high enough before reset that I now have all three scrolls at L50. I still have one hero that’s L35, but she’s just for the weekly “gain-3-levels” quest pass, so I’m not bothered that she’ll never have L50 scrolls.

However, if I was a new(ish) player, I’d find the concept of getting the scrolls up to L50 WAY too daunting, so much so that I’d just uninstall, like many other players already have.

One small help might be rotating the glyphs in the honour shop; instead of have one weekly armour glyph, we have each of the five glyphs on a daily rotation.

Honing & evolution
The honing menu is great; it’s well laid out and very intuitive. But, WHY did you take away the ability to evolve our gear? The honing process could easily carry on up to mythic and beyond. Just add 10 pips to all items and let us decide - it feels like a real loss of freedom. Honestly, what was the reasoning behind this?

Also, if I want to hone my mythic gear to mythic+++ (whatever that’s called) then it requires legendary relics twice? Given that it’s already been evolved from legendary to mythic (pre-3.0), that means it’s already had legendary relics used in its creation. Doesn’t that seem a little unfair? The compensation should have included the legendary relics used in our existing mythic gear.

Anyone with a L50 scroll has zero use for that type of shard, but they’re still being won in chests, KD, Quest Pass and Resh’s gifts. Plus it makes Grungli absolutely useless.

Other crafting materials (food, ore etc.) are often used as currency in the shop & bazaar, perhaps shards could be used too? Or, once a week, somewhere in the bundles, we could trade them for a random piece of related gear?


I feel like the economy would get really out of whack really fast if they sold 5 glyphs for IGC only. While yes it would work to getting more glyphs into the hands of players, the ones who need them are younger/newer players and not necessarily ones who are already spenders. I think if they offered some of these for gold (as I menitoned in my post here that could ease some of the lift on a newer/not end game player.

I havent personally messed with most honing. I found my weapons are ok on the carryover, and if I get something better than hey thats great. I am seeing more success in dragon for myself, which is enough of a lift for me currently. I am not a player that enjoys PVP so I have not experienced frustration in that any more than I originally had (ie - I dont like it :smile: )

Anything you spend on honing, you get back when you salvage the weapon.

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I agree with this. I am a fairly new player and I “only” needed 10 glyphs to get my gear to level 50… I was keen to go through the grind and probably invest some money to speed up the process a bit. But seeing that I now need between 20 and 60 glyphs to get either battle scroll to 50 has kinda done it for me. I am not really keen on doing this anymore, and I will probably uninstall. I don’t mind grindy games (I got the platinum trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2!) but I feel this is just silly and out of proportion given how much more feasible level 50 was before 3.0…


a) only the materials used before 3.0
b) then I won’t have the item I want to upgrade anymore