Rotate glyphs daily in honour shop

Is there a reason that there’s just an armour glyph in the honour shop that lasts a week?

I think it would make more sense to offer a different glyph every day to spend our honour on.

This would be especially helpful with spell glyphs, as it’s virtually impossible to evolve a spell’s rarity now, it would at least be nice to update the spellbook a little more easily.


I agree spellbook upgrades need to be more prevalent—- especially for veterans who just had their characters flipped upside down.

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I believe this is because armor glyphs have been generally considered to be the “best” ones, since we needed more of them than anything else (6 armor slots, 5 accessory slots, 4 spell slots, 2 minion slots and 1 weapon slot in a build) and are more expensive than accessory ones.

The Spell Rework has made spell glyphs more interesting for players. However, I believe they aren’t worth as much as the appear to be. I just wrote a post analyzing the value of upgrading the spellbook, and from lvl 40 upwards I believe it is too low as compared to the cost in spell glyphs. Upgrading armor pieces still has a better impact in your strenght in my opinion.

However, it is true that it is always nice to have options to choose from, what you propose is clearly great. I am not too sure if the devs are willing to give us more ways of getting glyphs, but it is true that since this offer has some overcost as compared to the bazaar deals the benefit would be a bit lessened.


Most veterans did not had their spells at mythic or even level 50 before the upgrade also … I had 2 mythic spells, one at 50, and had more then most ppl playing for double or triple the months I played.
As it is still, upgrading spells higher then 45 was seen as waste of res for 90% of the spells.
And somehow it is a waste of res, except you have everything else already.
It was and is luxury, with few exceptions.

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If you look back at past posts of the game, you’ll see that Armor Glyphs were the most wanted at the time.

I’m a bit reluctant for them to add spell glyphs to the Honor shop as well since the costs would become impractical. I think what the devs should do though is add spell glyphs to the bazaar rewards, since having follower crystals on it is a bit of a joke at high levels.

Also I would bump up all the spell page rewards by one, so that common marks give uncommon spell page rewards, legendary at epic, etc. And then add spell glyphs for legendary marks.

We do get them in the bazaar once in a while; I had two days in the week before the update where they cost food/honour.

No, I mean get them as Bazaar rewards for buying things in the bazaar. A minion glyph added to the reward track would be nice too.

I see. You must have tonnes of legendary relics if you’re getting your minions to legendary.

442 legendary relics here

No, you just have to think shortly about what minions do … and if you play a lot and farm a lot … and dont wanna buy keys for real money …
You will see that it maybe is not a bad idea to get some of them to legendary or even higher (helps additionally in PvP).

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I don’t have the patience to farm too many dungeons in a row, so I get my minions up to epic.

Do they give the PvP power boost when I’m controlling my character, or just when the AI is using your avatar against real players?

They do give a bonus to power and health for you fighting (4,5% on legendary 45).
And get stronger when KI fights the higher they are

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Crikey. How long have you been playing?

A bit over 1 year. Legendary relics can be found in dungeon chests since 1.5 update, so thanks to lots of farming I get them much faster than I use them, so they are not a problem to evolve minions to legendary.

I thought I had a lot with 18…

Spell Glyphs as Premium Quest Pass rewards would make more sense now than ever. I find it strange that they’re not included anyway.

I was just about to add that, maybe replace it with one of the later premium food rewards.

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