How do you upgrade gear

Upgrade your gear ie lendgendairy to mystic? Or rare up to lendgendairy? I can’t find any information in the in game help book. Or anywhere in these forms. Thanks

Since the 3.0 gear rework you can’t do it anymore. There are plans to make it possible again in a couple of months, but in the meantime, if you want higher rarity gear you need to open it in chests.


That’s so frustratingly wrong


Yes, it is.

They took it out with the latest “upgrade.” A lot of players were unhappy.

There’s talk of restoring it, but nothing definite yet about when. We may hear more a month from now.

Nor any word yet on how it would be implemented: whether it would be something easy to do, even for new players, or merely an expensive end-game mechanic that won’t attract new players or interest established ones.


You can’t.

Since the update I have gotten more mythic and legendary in chests than I ever upgraded. I’m a level 50 (18) and I never had any mythics until I got them in chests after the update.


Different people have different experiences. Also (because random) different drop rates

I’m 50(89) and I had no mythics before 3.0. Now I have 2, after several hundred level-100 chests.

One of those mythics is completely useless to any of my builds. I will probably never use it.

I much preferred having intelligent control over my advancement, by upgrading gear, to being dependent on random, usually-frustratingly-worthless drops. Many feel the same. Others like this new “gacha” / slot-machine version of PQ3.

3.0 could have left in a rarity-improving mechanic and satisfied & attracted both kinds of players.


Yes. Fortunately, I’m one who doesn’t mind either way because I spend zero money and have the time to grind.

Feel bad for those that were alienated.


Experimenting with and then upgrading coordinated gear sets was my favorite part of the game before 3.0.

It gave me goals, a sense of progress, and ensured that every chest was at least a little useful, even if only to provide some raw materials for what I was upgrading.


3.0 took away any sense of control or ability to plan and achieve.

Most chests are now worthless to gear advancing, and even the “good” drops (leg & mythic) I’ve gotten have either been useless to my builds or worse than the (mostly epic) gear I already had.

The sense of progress and accomplishment has been replaced by helplessness and boredom.

I’m not the only such customer.


I’ve pretty much stopped “actively” playing - it’s too discouraging - now mostly relying instead on autoplay and loot tickets. Which is dull too.

I’m sticking around until I find out how they plan to re-introduce rarity-improving, and then will decide whether to keep bothering.

The month delay until even an announcement of the plans, though, may well mean I lose all interest in the interim, regardless.

Removing the ability to improve gear rarity was a very poor and ill-considered decision, imho.


I’m totally on the flip side…I have more high level gear of varying elements that I’ve just started to make multiple load outs.

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Then you’ve been a lot luckier than I.

However, you’re still stuck w random pieces to try to cobble together.

What you could do before (how I got my collection of loadouts) was try low level pieces (relatively easy to get), decide what you liked as combos, then level them up.

Thus I have multiple nicely tuned sets at epic level that I’d just started upgrading to leg when 3.0 hit.

Those sets - and all that work - is now basically wothless in terms of advancing. Odds against getting even one of those sets in mythic now is so astronomically high that why bother.

I’ve given up any hope of substantively advancing in the game. I have no interest in depending on “slot machine luck” - which has been terrible for me so far - to try to get meaningful improvements.


I’m definitely in a different situation.

I never had much resources so I salvaged a lot. Now I have a lot of legendary gear that I just started messing around with different load outs for almost everything.

I also am lucky. I think one my this was a daily event ruby chest award.

I’m sorry you have had this experience and hope it changes for you.

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Ditto on drawing down a TON more legendary and Mythic gear in the last month. Way more than I could have evolved on my own in the same time frame.


Getting mythic gear faster? Yes.

Getting mythic gear faster than we would have if they’d shifted glyphs to battle scrolls but left the rest unchanged? Unclear.

Getting desired and useful (to gear sets) mythics faster? No.


But, whatever the relative ‘speed’ of getting mythic, the whole fun and challenge of choosing good gear sets and then leveling them up is gone now.

There’s no sense of controlled or chosen progress … just grinding for random ‘magical’ drops.

Which means - especially for “mid-game” players - that there’s a lot of negative feedback, as one useless thing after another drops and you can’t even salvage them to get bits to gradually upgrade the gear you do want to improve.

I’ll happily give up the “faster” but random and un-coordinated mythic drops for the ability to level up the items in the gear sets I’ve experimented with and decided upon.


But, again, why not have both?


Not me and I’ve been trying since the update.

Yes it did, I just figured out what and how to do stuff and I was getting some where with my character and the new ones I made. Now grrrrrrrr🤬

Yeah… all the sense of progress, improvement, control, and positive-feedback that gear development used to provide is gone.


Supposedly updates later this year may (nothing definite) address this. Or, possibly, make it worse. Or make changes that only end-gamers or the handful of whales will benefit from. We just don’t know.

Announcements about plans are supposedly coming next month.


I’ve been trying to keep a ‘toe in the water’ with the game, but it’s becoming harder to care enough to bother.

Playing it “actively” now is just dull and repetitive and with no sense of progress. And playing it passively (autoplay and loot tickets) is equally dull.

Increasingly, I’ve been reaching for other games when I have some ‘down time’ and want to while away a few minutes on my phone.


As for mythics - consensus seems to be that they drop no more than 1% of the time (probably less) from 100-level chests. Naturally, the ruby & diamond ones of those will be more profitable.

They do drop from lower-level chests, presumably at a lower rate. Unclear how much lower.

At this point, I’ve gotten 5 mythics. Haven’t kept track of the exact drop rate, but 1% would be optimistic.

Of those 5, 1 is useful (but in the wrong color, unlike the epic it replaced). One is useful in very rare circumstances, useless otherwise.

And 3 are completely useless to me and I may well never use them.

It’d be different if 3.0’s “battle scroll” changes hadn’t meant that I’ve now given up using all but 1 of my heroes (which makes the game even more dull.) Then 1, maybe 2, of those useless three might be useful down the road. Possibly.

Anyway, figure you’ll get a mythic from 1 in 100 level-100 chests, and that only a fraction of them (exact fraction depending on your build(s)) will be useful.

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