Equipement lvl 50

Hello everybody.

I currently have my lvl 45 armor/weapons. I have almost 2 lvl 50 characters by finishing the story twice.

And NO way to be able to go up to lvl 50. I have never seen Bloodfang Boots, Mythical Ice Rune (1), Accessory Glyph (2).

I find that if we don’t switch to wallet it’s really too random.
A miracle solution?

I’m 100 hours into the game.

Sorry for the translation I translated via google.

Hello Kazu, once a week you have a Acessory Glyph in the store for 1125 gems if I’m not mistaken and also for crowns, Bloodfang boots appear quite frequently, including in follower missions, if you repeat the Dungeon “The Portal of Blood” I’m sure they’ll appear in a chest. Developing mythical gear takes time. I’ve played a lot more hours than you and I still don’t even have a full Legendary gear. That doesn’t stop me from having fun, I hope you will feel the same

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They have to make money somehow…


@ed.209 exactly.

Also, what is the real lure of Puzzle Quest 3? Is it the match 3 game itself, or the desire to improve your gear and “level up”? For me it’s the latter. The match 3 mechanic is just the means to that end.

If I ever got to the point where I fully maxed my Gear, I feel the replay value would dissipate and I’d stop playing. It’d be similar to “completing the game”.

It may seem a grind, but it keeps us coming back. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a marathon not a sprint.

A fair number of players are already at that point.

After completing the grind for a set of Mythic 45 gear, there is very little to do in the game outside of waiting for the next Glyph purchasing opportunites to appear. Nothing else really matters at that point, and as such players get bored and leave. The game badly needs something for players to grind for that requires Mythic gear that represents the next layer of power creep, leveling up, or similar. I’ve already watched far too many players reach this point, get bored, and leave over and over again. At some point, everyone quits from boredom.

One innovation that could maintain interest in the game would be a change to the way a season is won. Something that would require each Kingdom to have some more elaborate teamwork than just the number of crests. Whether it was through co-op battles against special Bosses, gathering resources, or anything else, in short a different system to find the winning kingdom and perhaps also individual achievement tables

Thank you for your answers. Personally, the fact that I haven’t been able to move forward at all for two weeks has made me almost stop playing the game. In fact, either we have the mythical equipment and we stop playing, or we stop playing because it’s too random and we no longer enjoy playing because we feel like we’re playing for nothing. We really need to find a solution to evolve correctly I think. Even if it’s been a long time since we know where we’re going.

I think a new game mode - “endurance match” - would keep people playing. Essentially an endless dungeon, with elites starting after a certain level, with the loot getting better and better each round.

Hi Kazu,
This is a long term game and excuse me to say this but wo level 50 character and 100 hours playtime is nearly nothing.

Here are some goals for you:

  • play the story with all classes and level them to 50
  • play all old seasons available in the archiv and finish them on elite level
  • climb the leagues in PvP to reach the champions league and finish in the ranking

Patience is needed to do all this, but with doing the dailys, playing adventures, new seasons and farming you will get the gear to level up your main class.

I’m playing since 10 months now and my main character carries 2 level-50 items. all other gear ist still level 45 some mythic, some not.

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