New Gear System

I understand honing, and the improvements they have made, but i dont understand them taking away our ability to level up our gear from rare to epic to legendary and so on…or am i missing something? I checked the gameplay help section, but apparently they havent updated it yet because it still shows the old method of leveling.

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No, you’re not missing anything.

You no longer have control of your gear development. Your ability to intelligently and thoughtfully advance your heroes by improving gear levels has been stripped away completely.

You are now utterly dependent on random drops from chests, and the very very low probability that what you get from them will be an improvement and useful to you.


So basically, all my heros are now, parden the phrase, c*#kblocked. I mean, i really hope this is another improvement they are working on, or I may just have to stop playing and dumping money (Im on disability and have limited funds!) into a game that limits my ability to raise in the ranks. I mean, all my heros are now at level 50(72), and the only thing i was working towards was leveling up my gear, which has now been taken away. This must be remedied before i get back from my vaca in April or i will just call it a loss and stop playing.


Yes. They are all blocked now.

I’m the same … I’m level 50(87), I have all heroes to 50 and multiple gear sets in each color, most of them still at epic (I ground really hard over 9-10 months to get those sets), and I was in the process of upgrading them to legendary piece by piece when 3.0 dropped.

You and I – and all other non-end-game players – are in the same boat here… Our ability to level our gear towards end-game level, which was what gave us a sense of progress and made us feel good about the grind, is gone.

And I expect many, maybe even most, of us in that same boat will be jumping ship if that ability isn’t restored right soon.


Im end game player 50(156) and i deleted the game due to this rubbish regarding gear, not missing the game at all lol


Yeah, im considering it. Giving the devs a month (going on vaca) to come up with a solution to this mess, or im gone too!!