GoW player wondering how to approach this game

Hi all. I have an endgame GoW account and recently picked up this game. Before I get too far into it, I had a few questions you could hopefully answer to make sure I’m playing efficiently.

  1. How does the availability of currency in this game compare to GoW? That is, I have ~800 gems so far from the beginner quests but is it easy to get more? In GoW I get like 400/week just from collecting my kingdoms and guild quests; this game seems a little heavier on the monetization so I haven’t spent any yet. As for gold, does the cap increase and where do I see my cap? I’ve been buying up the daily deals every day because gold seems very easy to come by and I keep overflowing my cap; is this wise? How about shards; how hard are those to get? (Basically what are the most limiting resources in this game/what should I be cautious about spending?)

  2. Are lower-rarity pieces of equipment as useless as Common/Uncommon/Rare troops in GoW? I’ve been upgrading my gear only as much as I need to progress the story but it would go a lot faster if I felt free to upgrade higher with the knowledge I wasn’t wasting resources on gear that will be worthless.

  3. I joined a kingdom but am not really sure how to contribute; I occasionally get mail from winning defenses or what seems to be the equivalent of guild tasks getting completed but I can’t find any obvious “guild tasks” section to help out with.

  4. What activities should I spend my time doing? With GoW, it’s very clear what to do every day–dailies, the daily event if it’s not Arena, guild sigils, Delves, and then grind Explores for medals. I don’t have access to all the activities in this game yet but I also don’t feel like I’m being directed towards any activity in particular.

  5. Finally, is there a “best” class for fastest progression or grinding? I picked Mercenary first because I liked the gold bonus but given the cap and general ease of obtaining gold, it feels like a bad choice and like perhaps a more combat-oriented class would be better.

Any other advice or tips you have would be greatly appreciated! I’m kind of lost because I’m too scared to spend any shards or anything because I keep getting popups asking me to spend money and have no idea how grindable everything is as a F2P yet.

Welcome! Long time player of Gems of War myself and I’ve been playing this game since Beta.

I have a writeup of some starting tips and other info resources you can access here that might answer many of your questions: Puzzle Quest 3 Player Guide - Google Docs.

Specifically though:

Gems is the medium currency here just like Gems of War, however in some ways Gems availability is reversed. You earn up to 6,000 gems for each class playthrough so you have access to a lot of gems of front, however, unlike in Gems you do not have kingdom power constantly growing your idle gem recovery so gems become more precious later in the game as you continue to develop more gear. Gold/Ore/Food will feel very pinched at first due to the caps but those can be raised by increasing the follower Auri, but can also be farmed (you can also increase these currencies above cap by purchasing them with other currencies in the market)

Essentially yes in that you will focus on upgrading a few select items and others you will salvage (you will salvage a lot, unlike gems where mostly you just keep all the extras). Check out the gear guide in the doc i listed above for suggestions of best starting gear.

Early on, just being active (earning 250 crests/ week provides the kingdom the max ingots from each player) and helping make purchases from the bazaar is your best contribution. Being in a kingdom that maintains Bazaar Tier X is ideal so you get the best daily purchase options.

Story mode is key early on, and that includes playing additional classes for more resources. Check the guide linked above for other suggestions such as Open PvP, Adventure, and Events.

All classes are viable but the classes that have a mana generating starting spell have some nice starting value (i.e. Paladin, Shaman, Necro). Getting a good weapon and maintaining its gear level will be a huge help to any class. Don’t forget you can share the same equipment amongst all your heroes.

Feel free to ask any other questions after checking out the resources in the doc above. Also feel free to join the Discords listed where there are active communities providing feedback as well.

Good luck!


You can farm gems running the story across different characters but it is wise to save whenver you can unless something in the store is really worth it. Im at lvl 49 and have 0 gems and need alot of runes/scrolls myself. Some may say spend away but i would be cautious because chests arent that great in terms of specific drops whereas the store will have all you need throughout the week.