Gems from chests?

@Jeto ,

Being a long standing player in GoW and given that PQ3 is very similar to GoW in terms of various mechanics, i was wondering why there is no system for players to receive a couple of gems from certain chests such as GoW offers?

Can this not be incorporated with a chest rework, granted it would probably only be a couple of gems if that depending on the drop rate chance but they all do add up and help.

On the topic of gems and similarities to GoW, i also wonder why there is no system or perhaps follower in the case of PQ3 that offers a couple of gems when collecting? GoW every hour we can collect our hourly income and we get quite a few gems in those.

Makes me wonder how PQ3 and GoW are extremely similar yet a few core basics regarding gems that are in GoW are not in PQ3…