Very simple improvement to the food problem

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Since we have a massive food glut, that feels quite frustrating in gameplay terms - such as when you open a chest and see that “0” food come up - there could be a simple solution short-term that would also improve on another sore point - with little to no impact.

We have a lot of followers, but not enough ore to run them all continuously. Or even a decent subset.


:exclamation: Add two store options to the Shop - Bundles - Other option (or any other suitable place) as follows:

  • 80 Ore for 100 Food, Daily, 5 to 10x a day
  • 80 Food for 100 Ore, Daily, 5 to 10x a day


  • It allows early or late game players to manipulate their currencies for what they need - but at a clear penalty;
  • It is extremely easy to implement reusing existing code;
  • It helps players use more of an underused feature that feels crucial - the follower crafting for less-used followers;
  • It draws players to a place with more interesting deals recurrently;
  • It should have little to no impact to any follower rework.

:exclamation: An additional suggestion, that makes a lot of lore sense:

  • Change Jocea the Gentle (Minion crafter) to spend Food instead of Ore for crafting. :meat_on_bone:
    ** She’s breeding them after all! :smile: Minions gotta eat!

Hope it helps! :four_leaf_clover:


Re: Jocea - That’s what I was thinking, too!!! Creatures eat food, right?

When “salvaging” minions, I first find it strange that I’m “recycling” a creature, LOL, but then also find it funny that I hear a metallic sound… Very curious


i like these ideas!
The food for minions would make a lot of sense, allways found it strange to give her ore


i still haven’t used my food from the end of 1.1. If I could buy ore with it, i could play the follower lottery more often!

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Just give us some sort of use for food… Why is there a dead currency which we cant even hoard for whenever it finally has a use? Its just a tunnel without a light at the end of it.