Update 0.37 (Patch Notes)

Reposting this here from the original thread (removed the balancing bullet point from my list below since gear set bonuses were introduced and need to be evaluated):

Issues that still should be addressed as you “move into world wide release”:

  • Absence of any meaningful updates to Kingdoms (e.g. no activity tracking, no rewards adjustments for active kingdoms, no revisiting Deals, etc.)
  • Pervasive lag, disconnects, server restarts
  • 2 Starting Spells is still really painful for new players
  • Gear Vault space is still woefully insufficient especially with the introduction of gear set bonuses; Northelm should provide 3-4x bonus for Gear Vault instead of 2x (which is ok for Minion and Spell Vaults) and Mythic Levels of Northelm should add even more
  • massive issues with resource economy despite the Shop Update in 0.37 (too many shard types, no means of exchange/downgradeability, too much RNG across content levels for shard types, weapon shards are virtually non-existent, etc)
  • FOOD! (yet again still no use for Food beyond the Kingdom Bazaar Food Deal once Followers are levelled)
  • ORE! (0.37 just introduced yet more uses for Ore but we are still stuck with the old old rate)
  • Glyphs are still absurdly rare given the quantity needed (unless you want to pay gobs of money in the new Shop)
  • Diamond Chest quality - supposedly this was going to be updated
  • Citadel Reset Feature and Citadel stat functionality
  • Meaningful Stats page (all bonuses of equipped loadout should actually be present in Stats page)