Update 0.37 (Patch Notes)

It’s pretty easy to change the language to something that doesn’t blame players for playing the game as it was offered:

We made these changes to prevent the full stats of powerful end-game weapons from being equipped by lower level heroes.

Or, if you want to put the accountability in the appropriate place:

We made these changes because we had previously failed to prevent lower level heroes from equipping weapons that had powerful, end-game stats.

As for this bit:

Does that mean that once you hit level 8 on a character, it’s gotten past all gear attribute capping?

Changed the language.

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Thanks. :+1:t2:

(extra chars to hit 20)

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The new features and UI look and feel much more polished and I definitely am enjoying the additions to the shop, but I’m so disappointed that spells were not re-balanced. :disappointed: I’m not looking for spell costs to go back to the good Ole days, again but please it’s so difficult to get through chapters in the current state even for an end game player like myself. Cause it takes almost more than 2 hours to do all the games dailies (including all 3 pvp tourneys) it’s exhausting :tired_face:.
So please Help :pray:a long term paying player that loves both PQ3 and GOW. Some help. Thank you


I don’t read anything about the treasures found in the 12/24 hour boxes. : v

Reposting this here from the original thread (removed the balancing bullet point from my list below since gear set bonuses were introduced and need to be evaluated):

Issues that still should be addressed as you “move into world wide release”:

  • Absence of any meaningful updates to Kingdoms (e.g. no activity tracking, no rewards adjustments for active kingdoms, no revisiting Deals, etc.)
  • Pervasive lag, disconnects, server restarts
  • 2 Starting Spells is still really painful for new players
  • Gear Vault space is still woefully insufficient especially with the introduction of gear set bonuses; Northelm should provide 3-4x bonus for Gear Vault instead of 2x (which is ok for Minion and Spell Vaults) and Mythic Levels of Northelm should add even more
  • massive issues with resource economy despite the Shop Update in 0.37 (too many shard types, no means of exchange/downgradeability, too much RNG across content levels for shard types, weapon shards are virtually non-existent, etc)
  • FOOD! (yet again still no use for Food beyond the Kingdom Bazaar Food Deal once Followers are levelled)
  • ORE! (0.37 just introduced yet more uses for Ore but we are still stuck with the old old rate)
  • Glyphs are still absurdly rare given the quantity needed (unless you want to pay gobs of money in the new Shop)
  • Diamond Chest quality - supposedly this was going to be updated
  • Citadel Reset Feature and Citadel stat functionality
  • Meaningful Stats page (all bonuses of equipped loadout should actually be present in Stats page)

Exactly my thoughts as I read the notes. Feels like we’ll need more gear for the different bonus but we don’t have a way to get more when we max out.

I like the stop timer feature it’s very nice. If possible I’d also like to see the voluntary stop timer when we only want to make 1 move for example. Something like tapping the timer would be nice. Or voluntarily moving gems we know won’t align.

The shop redesign looks nice as well but still no way to buy multiple articles at once. It would be nice to be able to buy the food, ore for honor and exchange the marks in higher quantities. It takes forever when we want to exchange a high amount of them.

Also it looks like the ultimate spell fix broke mine when it wasn’t broken to begin with. When my paladin ultimate spell is the only spell charged, nothing happens when I click it. Anyone else experiencing this?
(I have videos but no idea how to upload them here :sweat_smile:)


nothing about option to reset citadel points…

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Let me comment on the shop update.
Fist page - with the categories is awesome, but when you get to it - why all the icons are so big? And horizontal scrolling sounds nice, but what for with so little possibilities? For dungeon rewards I want to see all of them on one screen. why scrolling when you have only few options in there anyway? - this is something that can be better I believe.
And I love to play PQ3 on my android emulator on PC, so horizontal scrolling is meh. Do you not aim to release the game on PC/Console aswell?

Other thing - changing Eveline. For now I am confused. I play for 2 weeks, got to lvl 50 in 10 days, while gear is between 15 and 25. Got somehow to chapter IX and got stuck… I am so crazy about finally getting Auri crystal, as the money limit is really painfull. So Eveline on lvl 25 run all the time (probably easier to drop it on this small chance than getting to Chapter X to get her sidequest)… now no chance for Auri crystal, and Eveline power for a new player like me is completely useless. Probably good change for veteran players, but then why add it on the first follower? And moreover - I believe Eveline was marked as highest tier follower so this change was not needed at all.

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I agree the key thing is probably not much of an issue. Or we can safely say the relic issue has been a BIGGER issue, for some time. But… I ran eveline constantly. Not for the keys, but for the occasional CRYSTAL!

For the content currently available in the game, I don’t really care much about relics. They regularly show up in my shop for gold (or a sane amt of gems) and in my daily challenges. All of my desired evolves are currently waiting on glyphs.

Crystals have been virtually unobtainable, for me, in 36. Oh sure, there has been a rare appearance in the shop for 500 CROWNS. But, ummm, no.

I’m glad they added this for the sake of relics. I just wish it didn’t come at the expense of one of the few ways I could luck into a crystal.


I’m with you on this. Waiting this long and not getting any relief for this, is pretty disappointing. I’m more or less at peace with the 36 mana requirements. But the nerf to mana generation should be removed. This is especially true since the spell damage doesn’t scale the way weapon damage does.


Agreed! My shop feedback so far:

  • I do think that the icons being somewhat bigger than they were is a good change, but these are so huge that it kinda hurts my eyes, and as a result I’ve already come to dread going to the shop.
  • Unless I’m missing something, there’s no visual indicator that you can scroll horizontally; you just have to know.
  • I’d really like a way to filter items in the shop based on currency type, as well as show/hide VIP items. There’s just no way I’m going to spend money on an Early Access game that’s still being constantly changed/rebalanced/etc, so to me it’s just a bunch of clutter in the way.
  • The categorizations are not intuitive to me. This is further hurt by the fact that there are multiple layers of categorization, what with the giant icons on the main screen plus the tabs on the sub-screens. I would find it much more usable if those sub-categories got their own smaller buttons on the main screen.

TL;DR: Icons should be smaller; subcategories should be icons on the main shop page; add an indicator for horizontal scrolling; and add filters by currency type.

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Yeah, seemingly no updates around glyph availability is a real downer.


Surprised no one has no one has posted a thread yet on the very significant Eveline changes.

Also, please keep the potential of comments like “What am I going to do with these useless extra Eveline crystals???” in mind, because we got Monkey’s Pawed with the devs’ response to that frustration.

Further, Eveline is not showing the “crafted item ready” icon when she has finished upgrading a Relic.


REALLY disappointed that the cost of the spells or the other restrictions to manacollection were not even commented on. Every fight is painfully long.


@Salty , @Jeto I and several others have noted there is now a new problem with Ultimate in that it will visually display that Ultimate is charged but it is uncastable (you cannot press and trigger the cast). It’s as if it’s not registering that the 60 mana condition is met.

In this screenshot, you can see the Ultimate is activated and displays as castable, but it is unable to be interacted with (unable to cast). I have to then match other gems to accumulate additional mana and then it may be interactable.

(I am using a Runic Ring)


Adding this to the report now @Sibelios


Just to add to Sibelios’ comment. I have the same issue and I’m not using a runic ring…

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At a rate of 1-2% I guess I just don’t see the value personally but I hear you. If you don’t care about the keys though, that puts the crystal price somewhere between ~12k-24k Ore. That’s not good!

When the Crystal mechanic was introduced for Eveline there was virtually no other way to see Crystals. But with the introduction of Challenges, Crystals appear at a pretty reasonable rate (1-2 week, if not more). No one likes to lose an avenue of advancement but it seems a pretty costly choice. Given the gear bonuses and increasing necessity of levelling gear for full benefits, expending Ore on Eveline crafts (if her pre-0.37 crafting mechanism was the same) seems pretty inefficient at this point.


Don’t blame players contributing valid feedback for developer’s design choices. You can’t say the developers will do what they want because of some grand design that they are following regardless of player’s wishes but then assign players the blame when the developer implements a design choice that is unsatisfying simply because players pointed out an inefficiency in an existing design.

I went a day before noticing this as well. Very annoying.

@Jeto - in case you are looking for further mention of new bugs from 0.37 in this thread