Kingdom food deal: please buff amount


while I love the kingdom food deals, I rarely get the chance to actually buy any of them. I’m in GMT+2, so the daily reset comes at 2AM for me, and by the time I’m awake to check (some 5-6 hours later), I’m almost always looking at a cheerful “0/30”.

My food storage is hitting the limit for days and days. My camp smells of rotting cheese and Brie is just laughing. I haven’t seen Northelm in days. Please help.


While I certainly sympathize with the OP, this has been an ongoing unaddressed issue for nearly as long as the game has been in early access. Supposedly the issue will be addressed when kingdoms are revamped but it certainly would be nice for some small fix in the interim especially since the game is supposedly “launched”.

In case anyone in CX needs a reminder about this issue, rather than post the countless times this has been brought up by players over the past year, here is an actual response to the issue in JUNE of TWO THOUSAND TWENTY ONE that the issue is understood and that future uses of food were forthcoming (spoiler alert: nope):


Feedback: “We want live, real time PvP against other people”

Also feedback: “Kingdom food deals need to be more plentiful, I can’t use my food”

Man, no wonder nothing has been done about these issues. /s

If dealing with the issue isn’t really going to happen until its one year anniversary of being told about it, that says a lot to the playerbase.

It’s not like hotfixes haven’t been applied to the game before…

The devs have a history of not band-aiding things that are scheduled for replacement. As Sibellos notes, kingdoms are scheduled for revamps (previously estimated, but not yet officially confirmed to be scheduled for 1.2).

The functionality of food in kingdoms may very likely completely change when the revamp occurs. If so, the devs are not going to band-aid/hotfix food deals in their current state if they are scheduled for obsolescence when the revamp occurs.

What if kingdoms become obsolete before the current state of the Food Deal though? :thinking:

Seriously though, there is so little right now in this game to engender a sense of community effort which is an important component of the life blood of live service games. The current kingdom deals literally encourage animus amongst members. Even if a revamp is scheduled and they have all sort of ideas in mind, why shouldn’t we continue to advocate for something in the short term to help with the issue, especially since we are post-launch.

The situation quite honestly sucks and the way they have dealt with it sucks and it needs to be said repeatedly. Who cares “what the devs have a history” of doing at this point. When what you are doing is bad then the best timeline to do something right is sooner than later.

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