[PSA] Don't Waste Resources! The Kingdom Bazaar

Tobikage posted about this in Global 1 and I wanted to put a writeup on the forums since it is important.

In the Social menu once you’ve joined a kingdom, you will see a Bazaar. This is a small shop, which allows you to spend Honor, Food, or Ore to purchase Keys, Dungeon Marks, or Shards respectively.

There is an interesting system backing this. You and your guildmates can purchase these deals several times a day. If you meet the given threshold for purchases (the first level requires 2 purchases, the second level requires 5, etc) the Bazaar deal will be upgraded and you will receive better items from it.

However, if you and your guildmates fail to reach the upgrade threshold on a given day, you will move back down a tier. To clarify, this means that if you don’t plan carefully and save up before tackling the Bazaar, it will ultimately be a waste of resources.

I don’t have enough of any of those resources to worry about the Bazaar yet, but once we’ve got guilds with enough mid-game players, what’s a good Bazaar strategy going to look like?

Someone must make a list of bazaar tier, price, reward and purchase needed first.
We need these information to make decision.

btw afaik:
Purchase required to upgrade was: 2 for I, 5 for II, 9 for III and 14 for IV.
we may persume this is an altered Triangular Numbers, so further upgrade may require 20, 27, 35, 44, 54… purchases if they ever exists.
The price was an Arithmetic progression.

My thought about bazaar:

REMEMBER: all purchase on low tier are UNPROFITABLE. If you planned to use bazaar, someone must sacrifice some resource as start-up cost!

Honor for Keys: I think this is the BEST bazaar we can use. afaik tier V glory bazaar will offer gold key, which are way cheaper than honor shop. I suggest everyone save glory for some time and begin to use the bazaar. Some people must sacrifice some honor for first 3 days, since honor bazaar provide unprofitable deals until it reaches tier IV, which provide 2 iron keys for 115 honor.
Food for tokens: neglect this unless everyone are on endgame. Food is essential for follower upgrade, and we can just farm boxes and tokens from daily fight. May prove its worth if it can provide mythic tokens at high tier, need further confirmation.
Ore for shards: not very juicy IMO. We need ores to craft, and this bazaar offer random shard pack, which can also be crafted by followers. May prove its worth if it can provide a stable supply of high-rank shards at high tier though.

My guild has literally only been doing the ore bundle. One thing to consider is 200 ores can be bought for only 50 glory, so everyone who does their PvP battles daily would be able to contribute to the ore bundle.

The key bundle in contrast requires 100s of glory, much of which takes more than 1 day to accumulate, increasingly the likelihood that it downgrades.

Ore can also be accumulated infinitely, whereas glory currently has a daily cap.

Another nice thing about the ore bundle is a lot of people currently don’t have access to the chapter 9 follower who creates upgrade shards, so this gives the entire guild a way of accumulating them directly without needing the follower nor upgrading him.