We need a "real" store, with "real" stuff

In the original PuzzleQuest you could shop for weapons and armor. The store here is pitiful. Please, please, please, bring an actual market to the game.

Iā€™d like to see that, as well as many other things

Not sure exactly how this would work as the shop already drops random items.

If specific items were in their own separated daily shop at around 5x the price, specific rares would be around 10k-20k gold and specific epics in gold value would be around 40k-60k gold.

It may add too much grinding to the game as it could make the daily shop cycle cost 100k-200k gold. It is already possible that a shop cycle reaches around 130k in the current state of the game.

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That is my point. What we have is not a store. What we need is a real store.