Latest flash offer choose 5 crystals are still broken

we have been telling you guys for weeks about how your flash offers are broken and you have told us that you fix it and that you’re going to re-post two of the ones that were broken a month ago but today you post one and it is still broken!

Why can’t you get this fixed?

@jeto @kafka

these are screens from my kingdom member, showing the same problem with the one you just posted as the two that were also broken that you were promising to repost so that we can get our money out of them.

Now we have even more money tied up and broken offers. Are you ever gonna fix this? Why do i even try to give your company my money any more???

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the “best” part about this is they time it on a weekend when no one can respond so everyone will just be even more frustrated.



oh that is just wonderful….


Give this player some free Northelm crystals. It’s the only right choice! :wink:

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Just spectacular customer service. Piss everyone off 3 times in a row. Want to go for a fourth just for good measure?


Apparently the “fixed” offers are slated for next week. Did they forget they had an unfixed offer still queued up? :joy:


Same problem here too

I love being part of these topics, it’s really a satisfiying feeling :smiling_imp:

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That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

@jeto can we at least get an acknowledgment that you see this?

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A fix went out for this along with 1.5.5, which was in the patch notes :sparkles: sorry I didn’t jump in here on the update day, did jump in world chat to let players know after I purchased an offer myself.

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