Keys, chests, and minions

Boy howdy do l dislike the chest/key/minion function. You will literally have people playing until the second, maybe third time they “salvage” a chest before uninstalling this game. 6 hours for a minion to get you a key? Once I fill up my 2 whole slots, I now get to wait 6 hours for a key to open it. 30 minutes of play and then 6 hours of nothing. I get that the plan is to have some sort of microtransaction system in place to fleece people into buying those keys. Problem is, it happens so quickly that you don’t have anything invested in the game. You don’t care what’s in that chest, you’ll just uninstall and find another match 3 puzzle RPG among the thousands out there.

Also, the side quest prompt right after you find out have to wait for keys, probably needs to have a free ruby key to open that sucker. It’s misleading to say, “Oh here’s a side quest.” Just to find out that you once again have to throw the chest away. At least make the first one free. The point of side quests in all RPGs is to go waste time gathering resources or gaining strength, or charge spells, or whatever side category of measurement you set up. It’s not yet another thing that’s just like the first thing and is also held to the same terrible game mechanic. At that point, it’s called a waste of time, not a side quest.

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You forgot to mention that after waiting x hours you still rarely get much that you want. I would be able to live with the timers if they relaxed them down in time. I think adding slots up by at least once across the board would help too. Meaning start with 3 and add 2 where normally now it adds 1. There are a bunch of different ways they could make it better without undermining their paywall.

I’m optimistic that some of this will get changed before full release. It is much easier for a game to dial back this sort of thing than it is to dial up. So it feels like they went to full yuck with that in mind and will likely tweak toward the good. Fingers crossed. haha