Update-to-Max fail ... w h y ? ? ? :(

Dear Devs,

Could you please hot-fix the really annoying and super frustrating “update to max” button instead of waiting for 1.4.x ?

For my L17 (!) character, I finally was “lucky” to upgrade a dwarven necklace to red at L15 and wanted to upgrade it to L25 to match the other items. But I accidentally clicked the Upgrade button without double checking that L25 was really selected (spoiler: it was not) - which automatically upgraded the necklace to L45, wasting 2 of my very precious Glyphs and 3 (!) of my really precious legendary relics… for a really stupid item of a character I almost never play anyway :frowning:

This is soooooooooooooooooooo annoying!

Really, you added so many nagging dialogs for things people really do want (salvage, anyone?). Why didn’t you just add a “Really want to invest all of your resources to upgrade to max? [uh…yes? | HELL NO!!!]” dialog? Or at least a “Do you really want to completely over-upgrade an item, raising it to the maximum possible level you have resources for - far beyond your current level?” dialog…

It took me about 2 month to gather legendary resources and I was saving them for my main character, which still has 10 items at L35 instead of L45… I just wanted to take it slowly and have fun instead of just upgrading everything I can to the max level… :frowning:

Sorry, but this is just unbelievably frustrating and really removes all of the fun. :confused:


@Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan Is there any way y’all can retrofix this player’s account so they get their resources back and the upgraded item returned to its original state? Considering how much time and effort it takes for anyone to get those glyphs, relics, and resources - ESPECIALLY new players or total F2P players - this is a particular bad result for someone who accidentally max upgrades.


Just to chime in here - having had this experience I can confirm it is a terrible, sick to the stomach, type of feeling

Upgrading items to maximum occurs infrequently and should be a “moment” in the game/heroes development
Pressing a few extra buttons for that one time, makes it more of a moment

Having to scroll backwards for every other upgrade is time consuming and annoying (and can lead directly to negative outcomes like this)

PERHAPS if salvage returned some decent amount of high level resources it would not be totally devastating - but as it is currently, the upgrade to maximum setup if rarely helpful, almost always dangerous and almost always annoying to have to navigate around (backwards) to select the upgrade level you actually want

This appears to be a situation where a straight forward QoL change could be made
(In case it is unclear, when selecting upgrade, start at the next available level, not at maximum)


echoing this feedback.

it’s especially frustrating when you have a daily quest to add 1 level to an item.

I level something to level 2 far more frequently than i do to 45.


Had this situation happen me just last week. Wasted 2 Spell Glyphs and 3 Legendary Relics on a misfire boosting a spell to 45 that I will absolutely never use on any of my active characters. Super frustrating to see weeks or months of saving evaporate in an unexpected moment.

We have resource verification on consuming Food now, so why not for Glyphs?


Hey all,

In case this was missed in the October Community blog, this has been ongoing feedback the CX team has shared and is currently expected in the next update.

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And so the next logical question, when is 1.4.5?


Soon :tm:



Thanks @Jeto for pointing this out. To be honest, in my opinion addressing this issue should be in a Hotfix instead of waiting for a regular rollout at some point in the future, because the longer you wait, the higher the impact for anyone running into this trap becomes - in other words: the will to play moves steadily and asymptotically towards zero for anyone whose resources are cut short.

It sadly also does nothing to compensate for the lost resources, which means for f2p:

  • 1 random (out of 5 types) Glyph per week from the shop and
  • no guaranteed source for a legendary relic at all until the current season is closed (and it is possible to buy access to Season 1.3 to upgrade Rash if you sell the crystals)

Please note that without Glyphs and legendary relics it was impossible to move beyond finishing the first replay (hard mode? Sorry, forgot the name) in a season, so I currently have Rash at 8/10 Crystals for the next evolution and cannot access the gift hopefully yielding legendary relics. So I guess the mistake will throw me back another 2-3 month and to be honest, yesterday was so far the worst experience in PQ3 for me.

I cannot stress enough that the feeling once you notice what just happened is something no one playing a game should ever experience:

  • Making a bad choice - no problem. It was your choice.
  • Having bad luck with random generators - no big deal, that’s why they are called random. I was waiting for the above mentioned necklace in red for weeks now, running the Dungeon every day multiple times coop for ruby/diamond chests (because I did not want to spend any precious legendary relics on crafting).
  • Feeling cheated by a really horrible design choice with implications towards multiple month worth of real time, which is still present after multiple patches: one of the worst feelings ever.

Please patch in some form of safety mechanism as a Hotfix and then roll out 1.4.5 whenever you are ready. For anyone investing only small amounts of money, this is a good reason to be afraid of the upgrade button.


@jeto - is it possible to reverse what happened to @Thalinae?


Yes, it’s possible, I’ve seen similar things fixed. The question is if they will. They told a clan mate of mine no, my guess is they won’t here either, it’d open the floodgates for requests for compensation. I’d hope they would, but I can understand why they probably won’t.

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