0.36.1 (Small Server Push)

Ahoy questers, we will be relasing a small server push within the next few hours. It will include the following:

  • Northelm’s effect on Vault capacity is increasing from 1+ to 2+ per level.

  • Collecting rewards (and as such, opening the reward chest) from a live event will count towards the Daily Bounties that count for opening chests.

  • Fixing the localisation text strings that are displaying incorrectly (that were kindly reported by @Gary).

We have also added more contextual links to help articles in the following areas:

  • Chest Vault

  • Events Menu

  • Challenges

  • Chat menu

  • Minion Vault

We hope that increasing Northelm’s effect on Vault capacity will help with some of the inventory issues highlighted by players. Please keep providing us feedback so we can continue improving the game. Cheers!


I feel like this announcement should be accompanied by a dramatic major chord, and confetti! :rofl: :+1:


A legitimately positive change. Thank you.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This is a much, much welcome change and we’ve been waiting for this one for so long! I only wish it came together with the update, though, before we all scrapped potentially useful gear to continue playing after the update was forced…

Huzzah. I’m officially semi good now.

Should I wait to play until the update drops?

Finally! This is exactly what many players were calling for and I think it’s the appropriate change.

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The change is a server change and you don’t have to go to Google Play to get it.

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Ok, what exactly does this mean? I have already upgraded northelm to lv 5 and I have 4 chest slots. Will I have 5 now once the update drops?

@Vangor This is for the gear/spell vault capacities, not the chest slots.

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Oh, so higher level stuff. Gotcha, thanks :sunglasses:

Spotted this in game before seeing it here. A very welcome change on the storage :+1:

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Thanks for the change to Vault capacity

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I figure you guys (and gals) don’t get enough praise for the positive stuff. So here’s my contribution - Sweet! :slight_smile:

Thank you. Much appreciated and needed.
It is still not cool that fights takes 5 times longer, but at least I want to give the game a second chance now