No Update 0.38 For You ...?


Waitin’ for that update!

Sorry to anyone who clicked this hoping for a real update :innocent:


If you had posted this tomorrow, during the normal day of the week that patches arrive, it would have been more believable. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, as noted in the other thread, tomorrow will be the six week mark since 0.37 was released. Also, tomorrow will mark six weeks until the sacred retail cow of Black Friday arrives. If PQ3 is going to formally worldwide release in 2021, it’s almost assuredly going to happen by Black Friday weekend as it’s too lucrative to pass up from the publisher’s perspective.

That makes tomorrow a potentially very interesting day. If the devs are going to release by Black Friday and they want another “full” six-week dev cycle before then, a patch should be expected tomorrow or by the end of this week at the very latest. We shall see what happens.

Given the current pace of updates, I’ll be extremely surprised if the game is released this year. Given game and item balance and the extremely average UI issues, non functional PVP and barebones level kingdom interface and incentives, I would call the current state barely past alpha stages



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Dear caller,

Your call is important to us, but currently no one is listening. We would invite you to leave a message on the answerphone, but much like your game progress, it has run out of space.

We will try to get back to you with a response in [garbled] and thank you for your patience.

Update 38 will be with you in…

You have been disconnected due to inactivity. Please restart the call and try again.



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In Memoriam @Traductus


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office still waiting

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mr bean waiting

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Wait a minute. :rofl: I’m still waiting.
ok me wait
me wait
I didn’t know I was waiting till now.

Lockdown ends in Melbourne at the end of this Thursday. Maybe we’ll finally see an update soon

It’s seems like it’s been forever…

Yep, we sure are

We will wait forever

what is taking so long

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Hey, my friend. Where are you seeing these cool developer updates? I want direct access to that!

No worries, @Sibelios . I see where you found that update.