Chest Slots and VIP question

So am I missing something or is there basically a need to salvage a large number of the higher rarity chests OR limit gameplay per day?

Currently the two chest slots are usually full, and to get another slot it needs an uncommon Northguard which in turn requires 4 uncommon scrolls - so I need to farm for scrolls, OK seems reasonable
HOWEVER in order to farm I am just watching chests get salvaged for a tiny amount of gold (while ironically I need to get the gear that is in the chests to develop the character, followers, gear etc.)
And even when done its only 1 additional slot - so it doesn’t really solve the issue, I will just hit the new limit a few battles later

So I consider the option of paying for VIP - but that only grants one additional chest slot, so its not a great fix either
As a side note Can someone confirm what happens to the VIP chest slot after 30 days? Do I get to keep it or does it go away until I pay again?

Now VIP would also give a number of extra keys per day, but it still seems like there is a significant limit on how much you can play before you have to salvage, pay or stop playing

Hopefully, because I am new to PQ3, I am missing something obvious, but similar to gear slots, spell slots etc, there seems to be an unusually low limit of what you can have at any given time.
Since there are multiple characters sharing the resource pool, it appears to limit the range of choices overall (and not in a good, safety rails, funnel towards the good stuff way)

How are you managing the limited slots?

Later on you unlock a follower who can create scrolls for you.

After the 30-day period, you lose the extra chest slot and any VIP daily benefits, until you purchase it again. You keep your VIP score (see the VIP menu for more info on what that gets you).

Thanks EliteMasterEric,
So increased VIP levels would provide better rewards per day BUT if you are not currently VIP you don’t get to keep the slot (unlike all the other rewards - which you probably used anyway)

In which case perhaps VIP should provide extra slots on a sliding scale?
Or perhaps two slots - one for VIP and one for currently VIP (total of 2)

Out of curiosity, do you know what happens to the extra slot if you have a chest/minion in it at the end of day 30?

You’ll still get it. Once your normal chest slots are cleared, the minion/chest that was in VIP will appear in your free slot

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Interesting, Thanks for that

The very early game can be quite challenging, in that the player resources are severely restricted, yet are needed to advance anywhere in the game.

Right now, initial inventory is severely restricted. The new player only has access to two slots, plus one more if the VIP pass is purchased. The largest trap in the early game is the big, shiny Diamond Chest. In the early game, the player does not need anything that can drop out of it and they tie up one of the player’s 2 or 3 valuable chest slots for an entire day, which greatly restricts what the player can do. The game is designed to flood the player with more loot then they can possibly ever use or hold.

In the early game, resources are somewhat plentiful. The VIP pass gives you an extra assortment of keys for “instant” looting per day, plus a valuable Ruby Key per day. Use the Ruby Key (if you buy the VIP pass) to chase better gear. Use the wood and iron keys that drop to open those chests in volume. Depending on how often you plan to log into the game to check on things, send pets to open iron and gold chests.

Yes, it’s boring in terms of loot, but it gets the job done because you need large quantities of food and ore to level up the followers and upgrade shards for any gear that you find. Level 10 gear is more than sufficient to clear the early game, even with Common-tier gear and spells.

Sending a pet out overnight to open a ruby chest is ok since you will be sleeping most of that time and that can be a good time to tie up those 2 or 3 chest slots.

The first big challenge in the game is to clear Chapter 5, which removes the artificial “locks” on the followers, which allows the Guard follower to level up to a point where he can start earning extra chest slots. Once he does that, your opportunities for growth expand considerably and then you can dedicate one or two chest slots full time for Diamond chests.

Uncommon scrolls will drop often enough at the early game from anything over a Wooden chest. You won’t have access to the follower that can craft them for a very long time.

For the record, I bought the VIP pass for the extra keys and chest slot and I did not regret it.

Don’t be afraid to scrap a Diamond chest if one appears in the early game. In the long run, you will see far, FAR more diamond chests that you can possibly ever open.


Thanks! that’s an amazingly helpful assessment and will help me get out of the trap I’ve fallen into
Thank you

Diamond chests being a trap in the early game is really a sign of bad design. The rare chests should be exiting for new players, not a feel bad moment because now their ability to play is severly limited.