Chest system makes me not play, though I really want to

I currently have 3 chests with 3 minions with 5 and 11 hours until they’re opened… And I know if I do a quest or dungeon, I’ll get a chest and will waste it. So I won’t play until I have a free slot… Eventually this cycle will make me not come back.

eventually you will have tons of chest slots and a lot more resources. It’s just the early game where you are really constrained.

If your chest slots are all full and you do a quest and get another one, just minimize / close the game at the screen where you select whether to open / salvage / store.

Then when the time is up for the first chest to complete, restart the game, come in and open the unlocked chest and then the one you had at the selection screen will automatically be stored for you.

So technically you can play a bit longer.


That seems like an unintended exploit more than an intended feature to me. Maybe I’m wrong.

Interesting, I unintentionally did this from a crash once. Almost seems like an unused hold feature that isn’t implemented into the game yet, as the game has the capability already to remember more than 9 chests.

Would be nice if they added it as an actual feature so that something like 5-10 chests can be held, where pets can’t open them, but they can be kept until keyed or slotted for a pet. Currently no one holds with their chest slots since holding at all is time not opening chests, but having designated additional hold slots would fix that.

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A holding area for chests would be great for when you want to do a marathon gaming session and don’t want to stop due to running out of chest slots.

A lot of things need to be automated in my opinion.

  1. All the food/ore should be auto collected into your inventory until it’s full esp now that the cap is so much larger. I should not have to log in every few hours to collect.
  2. I’d also like to automate followers crafting to keep doing it over and over as long as I have gold/ore for the cost rather than manually starting them every few hoours. That would let me continually create keys, create armor, weapons, shards you name it.
  3. If the chest hold is implemented as you suggested that should be automated to so that once one is open the next chest gets started on immediately by a pet.