My initial feedback for .36

Tresk, I was thinking of posting something similar, so I figured I would bump your thread instead of creating a new one.

The Good

  • Making melee more relevant
  • Extending End Game
  • Free giveaways
  • Quality of Life improvements and polish
  • Events
  • Dungeon/Skirmish layout

The Bad

  • Need mORE ORE! The ore production is so crazy slow now, it’s basically made my followers irrelevant. Where I used to be able to do a couple crafts per day and buy and ore deal in the Kingdom Bazaar, now it takes me 8 hours just to save up for the ore deal. I went from being excited about the potential my followers presented to just being frustrated I never get to use them.
  • I desperately wanted to put Relics in the “Good” category, but so far, I don’t see any good. Granted, I’m only 2 days into the upgrade, but 4500 gems for 1 relic is a horrible exchange rate. I haven’t seen anything in events that isn’t locked behind crazy hard levels that gets me beyond Rare. Rare items can easily be gotten from chests. We need access to relics for Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. That still does not appear to be possible… at least in my limited play so far.
  • While I like the effort to make melee more relevant, I think you still need to revisit some of the balance adjustments on spells. I don’t think they scale as well as the melee does at higher levels.
  • Dungeon midpoint bonuses like 120 armor or 300 health. Those are pretty pointless when the enemy is dealing out 5000+ damage. You need to change the flat values to percentages so they scale with my armor, health, and resistance. Also, the 50 mana thing used to be amazing… it’s now pretty weak.
  • STORAGE!!! Storage is still an issue. I had to delete a ton of good gear just to accept the free giveaways. A lack of storage is my single greatest frustration and waste of time managing it. Please fix this problem with more space or easier access to improving it.
  • PvP is no longer compelling. I used to use all my battles everyday. Now it feels like such a chore. It takes soooo long and it just doesn’t feel worth it. Didn’t use all my battles yesterday for the first time and probably won’t today either.
  • Most activities take longer. Quality of life improvements usually focus on making the user experience better, more efficient, or more enjoyable. Many games offer notable offerings to save significant time from the grinding nature of RPGs. This new update requires significantly more time to accomplish the same tasks I was doing before with no increase in what is received (at least that I can tell). Time-sink is one of the greatest causes of burnout for games.


  • Please add a Gold store where we can spend gold on food, ore, and other items.
  • Scale PvP rewards up to align with the massive increase in time it takes… or do something else to improve it.