What have you done?

This WAS a superb game. Okay, so, if you wanted to open ALL the chests you receive, it can grind the game to a halt, waiting for a chest to be opened, before you could play for the next one. But it was great gameplay, good story. Interesting characters. Some beautiful graphics. Searching for a kingdom to join was a bit frustrating, as it was always the same list of, mostly full or competitive, who don’t accept newbies.

But now? Well, just have a look at the world chat and you will see, no one likes it, many are talking about leaving.
I don’t know what you have done, but it is now, pretty impossible to play and progress.

I believe, sadly, that this update was nothing to do with improving the game and all about raking in the money. You have made it all too hard to play, without having to pay.
Even the dungeon and skirmishes are higher than my gear can even look at.

You have added spell bonus for all using the same mana. Great. I can work with that… Oops, no I can’t, because it will only fill up one spell at a time! It’s like life! Up the minimum wage, then up tax, so you are still worse off!

Just to ruin it further, you have included pop ups! If I want to buy, I will go to the shop and see it there, thanks.

Out of 5 heroes, only the lowest one can continue the journey. All the others can’t follow your instructions to do skirmishes etc because they are way too strong. Two or 3 hits and I’m dead! Never mind the boss or the others that you have to survive.

Only being able to use the strongest hero in PvP, it sounds like the other heroes can’t even gain xp there.

I was really enjoying this game. But now, not enough keys. Yet you even need more for the dungeon and skirmishes. The chests, even the diamond chest is full of rubbish. 1 star stuff.
What finally made me come here to say how sad I am that you have ruined such a good game, was after I finished a chapter. Then went to see the side quests. Not one, single, solitary character crystal to be won. Not one!

So it looks like the early release was all about game play, making sure it all works, iron out bugs.
The update is all about readying it for the main release. Force people, “pay to play” if you want to succeed.

One more thing. Why so many currencies? You have gold, gems, crystals, crowns, marks, horns, medals, etc. Most real countries have one currency. Why do you feel the need to have gold and gems. And marks. Etc. It would be easier just to have one currency. Plus the character crystals to build them up … Unfortunately, you will probably have to pay for them now, as side quests don’t seem to have ANY.

What have you done? You have sacrificed game play, for the sake of “pay to play”

I understand you have expenses and want to get paid. What is fun for us, is a lot of hard work for you and you deserve to get paid. I think I would rather see adverts, rather than making the game impossible, unless you buy stuff.

I will see if you fix the balance, but it looks like time to find another game.

So disappointed with this update.

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