What do I do now?

Hello. I started playing on early access. I have now taken one of every hero type, through to level 50 and each has completed the story.
So, I went to take another one through, to try to continue getting crystals, but mainly, to be able to do more side tasks to earn the gems to continue evolving the followers.
However, all the latest hero gets, is gold. Even from the side quests, just gold. No crystals, gems, runes or anything.
I found that quite a strange feature, as I can now not play the game, other than events, pvp etc. I thought you would want people to keep playing your game for as long as possible?
Oh, by the way, I still haven’t received a glyph!
There is still plenty of evolution left for the gear, spells and followers, so I ask myself, why does it all come to such a sudden end? Like the story, that’s ending is less than spectacular. No rewards or anything that makes finishing, exciting.
The only answer I could think of, is, that the gear and spells can be equipped, already upgraded. I know they are levelled down. But it means no more paying for gear and spells runes.

So, I wondered what I would do if it were my game, and the answer for me, was , stop the different hero’s from sharing.
Each time you start a new hero, you have to start with nothing and no followers. Then when they reach level 50 and have the citadel, the followers join up. Which could further evolve them. I don’t know anything about programming. But I would think that would be easy enough to do, as it is just repeating the same thing, just different hero.
The story also could grow as you follow a follower further, to learn more. Like, what is Evelyn? Eternal?
I am stuck now, with just a short game to PvP and world missions.
Please, give me more?
And how do you use the minions spell in PvP?

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Wonderfully said Midnite! I’m at a loss as well. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the next couple patches but I am not holding out hope. I’m not interested in a game that’s only end-game mechanic is squeezing the clients wallets.

I’ll echo this question - is this the vision for end-game?


While I did enjoy playing through the story with my first character, it was mostly skip skip skip with my second, and by the fifth was just a chore. Then you realise most of your daily content just dried up and all you have is literally the dailies or grinding out goals and dungeons in the hope of better loot - oh great another common item from a diamond chest.

I’m not sure what time line the devs are working to - despite asking we got nothing, and the 2021 release date slipped quietly by (FAQ website not updated to reflect that). One sneak peak we did get ~4 months or so ago was that there are meant to be additional classes to be added to the game. At the time I believe the intent was to add 2 more for launch. While that would mean another 2 characters to grind out, it should add 2 more sets of follower crystals, making Legendary followers a realistic possibility for players to reach, rather than being mostly stuck to Epic as most players are now.

While that means better followers, levelling a character to 50 and finishing the story is another once and done activity. On the dailies page now we have a hint that Seasons are coming, but the graphic in game is also pretty much the limit of what has been shared with the community on that topic.

On your point about classes not sharing it would compound other problems with the game - lack of storage already being a painful topic, but quickly followed by the upgrade mechanics where shards, relics and the ever elusive glyphs would be in even shorter supply than they are now. Then there is the fact the game is still in Early Access and major changes can still happen. I’m reluctant to use any rare material currently since one update rebalancing gear (0.36) or adding additional features such as set bonuses (0.37/8?) can further shake up builds.

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Working as intended. Rerunning the story with a class that has already completed that content is not supposed to generate additional rewards.

The game is not version 1.0 complete and is missing end-game content. You’ve reached the end of the content that is currently available in the game and will have to wait for additional updates to add in new game modes and content.

Because the story is not over. The currently released story arc goes through Chapter 15. The devs have stated that there will be a continuing story as the game progresses.

Unfortunate, but the drop rate of Glyphs from chests are extraordinarily small. The game has shifted to a model where “free” (not really) Glyphs are obtained either through the Sunday 1700 Gem offer in the Shop or via trading 80 Diamond Marks obtained from Event mode. Of course, the rate in which players obtain Diamond Marks is based upon how many Gems are spent buying Tiers in Event mode.

Glyphs, Follower Crystals, and Relics are primary monetization drivers for the game. Do not expect to be able to ever fully farm these in a trivial way. The game is being designed so that the primary mode of advancement is through purchasing these items in various shops.

That depends. For Story Mode, the strength of raw stats on Gear is sufficient to clear Story Mode on additional characters. For potential end-game content, the lack of color synergy hurts. As someone who can get over 3500 primary color Mana Mastery in my main class, the difference in damage versus a 350 near-completely off-color Mana Mastery build is substantial.

You cannot (currently) on offence. Minion spells are only used when your character is on defense in PvP, which is mostly useless right now.

Content is being developed very slowly, but hopefully Seasons will arrive soon to provide some things to do in the game soon.


Thank you for your helpful answers and the easy to understand way you presented them. While I don’t really like a lot of the answers! I admit, I do have trouble retaining information, so I am not very up to date with the things that are in the pipeline. So I really appreciate players like you, that don’t mind answering questions, that I should already know. So extra thanks for taking your time to read it and share it in bite size, easy to understand answers.
It really is a great game, with so much potential. I understand they are not a charity and obviously have to pay the bills! I just hope they can get a good balance for people with different budgets and allow people like me, with no budget at all, to still be able to play.
Thanks again @Lyrian

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