Why I'm not playing so much

As it’s still in early access, I didn’t want to stop playing without giving feedback for why.

I’ve really enjoyed the game, and spent the money on the vip stuff for months, but stopped this month because the glyph drop rate is so low there’s no earthly way to progress unless I also spend a ton of money on crowns. It feels like, at this stage, it’s become pay to win and, while I was happy to pay the vip rate for some added extras, having to pay a significant amount of money for even small gear progression is insulting.

Still, I was playing daily until the decision to stop being able to trade marks up and get diamond chests. Without even that option for higher grade gear and potential glyphs, there’s just no point. I’m now looking for another game to sink my time into cause these changes mean I’m mostly just annoyed when I think about playing.

If it works for most people, great, it’s just not for me anymore.


The glyph pain is real. My past three random glyphs (because of course they have to be RANDOM) were minion glyphs. Now I’m sure in about 40 years, I will have nothing better to do than evolve minions. So there is that. But ya… :woman_facepalming:

I have over 1,000 hours in the game, $110 spent, and STILL do not have enough glyphs for 1 mythic anything.


Glyphs unless your spending money or gems is like

But the haystack has no needle IE: Glyphs (I think the mythic chance in gow is higher but also there you can just open keys so it seems easier so might be same number just have more hurdles to jump to open so the time in-between is higher.