"The Saviors Footsteps" Latest in the adventure mode playthroughs!

Puzzle Quest 3 Adventure Mode playthrough again folks! Today is the latest installment of the play mode called “The Saviors Footsteps”.

This will be day 1 of a multi part series as this adventure is energy gated and quite sizeable indeed. I am estimating this may take 4-5 days as the map is pretty big and I am only given 4/4 energy each day. As always I will be bringing you the “Ultimate Difficulty”.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for spending your time with me! :slight_smile:


It’s looks like a 5 day event to my calculation also

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I see you moved the spells around. Is it better?

In regard to the adventure, I had the same dilemma last night. Should I waste 1 energy or should I sacrifice some scrolls? I have enough of each and I don’t have any items that I want to upgrade, so I chose to sacrifice them. And not just them. Looking at the rewards in some of the paths, I’m not tempted at all - rare scrolls and runes, rare relic… Why waste so much energy on these when there is a weapon glyph at the end? I want to get to it as fast as possible.

By the way, after I decided to move on, I encountered a bug. I did the first fight and got to the merchant. However the items on the merchant were showing zero in front of their name. For example “0 Epic Scrolls”. I bought something and got an empty screen with “Continue” button which didn’t to anything. I had to close the game and open it again. After restarting the game, the merchant was marked as completed and I still had 1 energy left, so I did the next battle as well.

In other words - I used 5 out of 4 energy and I don’t know whether my purchase happened.

I don’t have screenshot of the buggy merchant, but I have a screenshot of the map which proves the issue with the energy:


There was one free battle with centaur, 0 energy cost:


I didn’t notice it at the time. Thank you for letting me know.

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I just now saw that too, thanks for pointing it out Tau :slight_smile:

I am not really sure yet I need to fight some higher level enemies in the adventure to be sure. Where I am right now they are not much of a challenge so its hard to tell if what I need will be charged when I need it.

With 4 energy tokens I finally got 41%.
So I don’t think the adventure will need 5 days. I guess it will be 3 days.
@Jeto: please show the number of days needed at minimum somewhere in the starting screen

Sorry everyone I wont be able to finish this adventure. Going in for surgery in the morning.

I promise I will continue again with the next one though for sure. :+1:


No worries, there is always the next Adventure. I’ll gladly wait for your next video, I like them. :blush:

I hope the procedure goes well and you recover quickly!