Adventure Mode Play Through, "Adventure Calling" hardest difficulty!

I am currently making a series on the adventure mode, doing them in daily playthroughs. Obviously because of waiting for energy I thought maybe it might be a good way to break it down; day 1, day 2 etc.

I hope someone finds this useful or entertaining. I am sorry that I am not a big time streamer and my production quality is low atm, I am still trying to learn.

Thank you for watching though and thank you to Mythos for the encouragement

Here is Day 1!


Thanks for this - really helpful for me to see what the Adventure mode is all about + knowing how tough the highest level is was insightful too!
Good luck with the rest of the video series

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Awesome thank you for the insight into what you got out of it. That will help me get better for sure :slight_smile:

Puzzle Quest 3 fans hello! Today I am continuing a series on the first offering in the “Adventure Mode” the latest content drop for PQ 3 that we got yesterday in Patch 1.4.5. The first event is called “Adventure Calling” it runs for 5 days. This is Day 2! I died 4 times lol :slight_smile: I will be filming one video per day for each day of the event. I have to wait on energy to respawn each day so that’s why I am breaking it up into days. I am starting the first event on the hardest difficulty level, wish me luck!


Thank you for sharing your experience of the new Adventure Mode with us!

I’m curious to see if you can finish the Adventure on this difficulty. :grin:

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It is getting tough I am not gonna lie! I am starting to think I may not be able too :slight_smile:

Here we go day 3! I only died 4 times lol, Maybe 5 :slight_smile:


Alrighty folks here we go, Day 4 the final day for this adventure in my playthrough!

Will I survive???

(I only died twice this time thanks to some great advice on my playstyle from Lyrian Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: )


Thanks for putting this together, really helpful to have be able to see how the paths work & what rewards to expect


Thanks for watching it and the encouragement and interaction I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Awesome you made it through! :smile:

Will you make a recording of the next adventure Gong’s Sushi Surprise as well?

I would like to watch more. For me it’s always interesting to see how people play the game and what they think of new content.

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I sure will and thank you for asking. :grin::+1:

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Here is the link to the next installment! :slight_smile:

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