"The Heat Is On" adventure mode with Adhakus the dwarf

Hello everyone, join me in Puzzle Quest 3 tonight as I start the latest in the adventure mode series called “The Heat Is On” this adventure is centered around Adhakus the dwarf.

I only get 3 energy each day so I am estimating it will take about 3 days to beat this adventure.

Let me know what you think!


Here is day 2, enjoy!


Even though your spells were full, the 50 spell mana alter is filling up the ultimate spell also. So in some cases it might be very helpful to have it ready for the next opponent.

Good point you make there sir!

Hello and welcome back for the day 3 play through of “The Heat Is On” adventure. I am completing it tonight so this will be the last night on this one.
I only died twice lol!

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You had a stun chance with the skulls which you didn’t use. If you did, you wouldn’t have died the second time. I died there as well. :frowning:

i play so much better when I am not recording, I think I get nervous when I am recording and dont play as good lol. I know that sounds dumb but I am noticing that :slight_smile:

It sounds perfectly fine. I can’t imagine myself playing on a pc, so I’ll probably be worse. However, it looks like the new action points mechanic will make it more suitable for pc. We’ll know once we get to try it.