[Reflect issue - fixed in 3.0] Ghost kill in adventure mode

I won handily in adventure mode. Wnen dropped in map, it shows 0 life with revive button for 100 gems. Going to prevent me from finishing map.


This sounds like an issue we have seen before, where you visually go through the victory process (including collecting your rewards) but in the battle itself you have dealt fatal damage that was reflected.

This means when you go to progress, it comes up with a revive button as you had technically been defeated by reflected fatal damage.

This will be fixed in 3.0! In the meantime, if you leave your name code I can compensate the Gems back to you for this instance.

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SPACEJAM_PINX happened to me 2x :pleading_face: but i understand if more is expected of me :yum:

@Spacejam when did this occur, so I can locate it and confirm in your logs?

I died on day 1 and day 2 not sure what time. If it’s work to do it then don’t worry about it :yum: I’m not too fussed tbh I should’ve been paying more attention. Been a while since I had to revive tho

Hello Jeto. I completed a “vein” in Dragonking’s Prize and won the battles, then collected the rewards & toll token. However, after I collected my reward my life was drained and it now says I have to pay 100 gems to “revive” myself but I didn’t die. I hope I’m posting this in the right place, thank you. - My name on XBOX is LORDOFDEPIES_FRJL

@LordofDePies when did this occur, so I can locate it in your account data?

Hi Jeto! You asked me to submit a ticket but I didn’t figure out how until now sorry. It was the day before yesterday I believe and was the last time I played the Adventure. I couldn’t find my post in the Global Forum where I asked about it initially. I had all my life until after I collected the rewards in the last spot of the vein on the game board.

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