[Fixed next update] Game will not progress after death

This happened to me several times before and twice today while fighting dragons. Enemy would kill me, game will not give me death animation and the only way to move forward is to quit the game or battle time out.

This is especially frustrating that I’m was on the last boss of the storyline and didn’t get the option to revive. I waited in case something will move forward but got the 30 min battle time out. I spent 20 mins on fighting this dungeon for a glitch to happen at the worst possible time and not even get anything for my effort. I took two pictures of the error if needed.

Xbox Series X - Version

Hey, I’m sorry the game froze on you! Especially on the last battle.

I’ve sent you an in game mail with some Gems as an apology.

This bug will be fixed in the next game update, version 2.2 which is coming very soon!

Thanks Kafka for the update and apology. Much appreciated!

This has happened to me countless times, mostly fighting dragons in Kingdom Defense, on PS5. It’s annoying as if you “retreat” you lose any damage you’ve done so it’s treated as a zero score.

I discovered a workaround however….

When it happens I remedy it by going into my PS5 settings (without closing the game), disconnecting from the internet, returning to the game to get the “disconnected from network” message, then going back into the PS5 settings to reconnect to the internet, then when I return to the game the death animation replays and the game allows me to continue with my damage score intact.

Hope that helps anyone in a similar situ.

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When this happens in kingdom defense, I just close and restart the game. After logging in it puts you right back into the fight and finishes the ending sequence with all damage done saved. Might be easier/faster than going through the settings. (xbox) ^^