[More info needed] Kingdom Defence "Defeated" screen sometimes not coming up - have to manually retreat

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue: Sometimes when I’m defeated in Kingdom Defence, it does not come up with the “Defeated” screen and it just sits there with me on 0 health. I have to go into the menu and choose to retreat. Even though it warns me that retreating will lead to me forfeiting the damage dealt, it still awards it, so the issue isn’t a serious one.

Expected behaviour: Obviously, when you’re defeated, the “Defeated” screen should come up.

Frequency: It is happened to me 3 times in 3 days, so it happens around a third of the time I play that mode.

Trigger: I cannot figure out what makes it happen. There doesn’t seem to be any particular thing the dragon does to kill me that causes this bug.

I force-kill the game when this happens. It resumes at the expected screen… annoying but beats losing the damage.


Unfortunately, this sounds like a known issue where the game soft locks if your Hero dies as a long Gem cascade is running. The team are currently investigating this issue.

Was the game board full of Gems when the game was frozen or were there some empty slots on the board?

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I honestly can’t be certain of the board state when it happened, but if/when it happens again, I’ll grab a screenshot.

Thanks for the reply!

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Thanks please tag me if it happens again to let me know! If it’s the same issue we’re already looking into it but in case it’s not the same issue I’ll definitely want to know.

Thanks and sorry again for the issue!

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