[Fix Incoming] Kingdom Defense Successful but dropped to prior Tier (and prior results not displayed)

Just finished Tier XX Kingdom Defense successfully and we now have the following display:

Email awards were received for a successful defense, but our next defense is Tier XIX as if we were unsuccessful.


Hey @Sibelios,

Is this a screenshot from one of your accounts or someone else in your Guild? Just for looking into this “RichmondY” account data.

Also, just as an update in the meantime while the team investigates this further. It appears it created two instances of Kingdom Defence at once, which is why you got the success but then dropped a tier. Can’t confirm if it’s the same issue we had previously where people were getting pass and fail KD mail but looking into it.

It’s another player. My Account in that guild is Name code: CRASH TEST DUMMY_UDLE
if that helps

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Hey update on this one!

We found the issue with these battles were generating two instances of a Kingdom Defense battle in the data.
With all attacks displaying in one event and the other registering no completed attacks. This led to some Kingdoms seeing a completed KD battle from those successful attacks, but potentially not progressing to the next tier and the leaderboard empty of any previous progress (due to the incomplete duplicate battle). This affected your Kingdom and a couple of others

We are in the process of releasing a fix to consolidate/remove these duplicate battle instances leaving only the battles that have active recorded attacks, as well as reaching out to the affected Kingdom leaders via mail to let them know.