Died during adventure, impossibly

I was playing the next to last fight in adventure and fighting the draconus. It was the first turn of the third fight, I cast my spells fine, did my matches and stunned the enemy, then promptly died before the enemy could take a turn. I had about 3k health and cannot see how anything could have killed me. Thoughts? The screenshot shows I wasn’t burning and the enemy doesn’t have reflect and was stunned.

You likely died from Reflect damage.

For whatever reason, chip damage counts as magic damage and triggers the Draconus’s Reflect passive. Stunning the Draconus does not prevent the passive triggering.

So, the row of gems matched to generate the stun triggered a stack of Reflect and then you likely unloaded a large attack on it while it was stunned, all of which was reflected back on you.

The Draconus, as currently coded, is absurdly overpowered with that Reflect passive that triggers on chip damage.

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fallen shoulder’s is helpful. just do a little damage and have it reflected back and it will create enough armor/resistance to overcome everything

I concur on your hypothesis here and also concur with your assessment of Draconus.

To add insult to injury his reflect passive also triggers after he is dead. I think that is just a dumb mechanic, in general. Killing something should remove any ability it has to damage you, unless it’s something that specifically triggers on death. But in this case, specifically, it is especially egregious. Other than killing him in one cast, there is pretty much no way for a spell caster to avoid the reflect. Having certain gear is helpful for surviving it, but not avoiding it… but he is way too obnoxious for his “position.” He’s not even a boss.

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