Fallen Draconus reflect is garbage

Never reflect full damage. When a player cannot possibly know how much damage their attack will do, nor how many attacks a set of matches will do, the reflect mechanism is stupid. This is even more garbage when one can do over triple as much damage as HP one has. There has to be a certain reduction to how much gets flipped back at us. Only reflect one attack of damage not every part of a match set. Also stop the reflect triggering against skill damage.


I agree, he’s way to over powered!

I agree that it’s overpowered. What I did to combat it was to make sure I only matched a small amount of gems when the reflect is active. I also never use a spell when the enemy has reflect unless it’s a spell that does no damage to an opponent. e.g. Spirit Mask


I recently finished the hard mode and realized what this topic is about. I used similar tactic as Intelligent, but it was very, very hard. I can’t imagine how hard it would be in Elite mode.

I guess zero turn builds will defeat it more easily, but I don’t have one.

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what intelligent said was the way I beat them on hard mode. That was the best way I could figure out how to handle them too.

Elite mode of this guy hurt. Just tried like a good 6-7 times. Swapped build and passed it second go.

I see it as something strategical to play against as opposed to just stomping through. Totally had the same problem getting smashed with red build vs hellcat.

For those having issues with the Fallen Draconus, the reflect dude in season 1.4 who some people can’t beat. A few tips in one post. (other people have written about them separately before)

  1. Equip Fallen Shoulders then just match a few gems of your spell colour to do a tiny bit of damage. The Fallen Shoulders activate multiple times from each chip damage hopefully giving more armour and resistance than damage you take. The Saviours Necklace in addition will increase the amount and resistance gained even more.
  2. Dispel magic spell. Removes the reflect effect and most likely drains the enemies mana too!
  3. Anthrite Shield. Load up the enemy with negative status effects. Match a few gems of your spell colour to do a tiny bit of damage and get multiple reflected damages. Each one gives a chance to inflict a negative status effect. Check them all out:

    Maybe this opponent is a little too overpowered but I did enjoy having to work out a different build to overcome it. It would have been easier had I had more inventory space cough cough as I couldn’t use the Dispel Magic spell at higher levels as I didn’t have the green gear to support it. It looks like this problem is finally being addressed though.

The issue with this reflect is that it applies even after the enemy is killed. This just doesn’t make any sense. It’s already difficult having to deal with it when he is alive


Finally finished elite mode. What a pile of crap these are to slog through