[Reported] Unable to open kingdom event

Our kingdom cannot access the kingdom events.

Kingdom: Smash+Grab


I have the same issue. Say I need to update but there are no updates :expressionless:

Same here. I try on PC and mobile, and same issue. the game say, I need to update newer version, but I’m on the latest version i think, Thats not good ;-(

What are your Kingdoms please? Or your name codes, @Joz & @Sheo

If you have submitted a ticket through, I grabbed them this morning!

Thanks Jeto, mine has started opening again this morning, so all good for now! :slight_smile: Sheo~

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Our kingdom is not accessible again. This is twice is 3-4 days.i submitted a second ticket. We have now missed several kingdom defenses and bazaar awards. Our kingdom would like to receive some sort of compensation for missing out on all the bazaar awards and defense gems. It says again we need to update but there is nothing there to update. I am requesting on behalf of our kingdom 500 gems each for what we have been missing. Please fix or I worry some may start leaving the kingdom.

Our kingdom name is Smash+Grab.

Thanks for listening.

Hey all, this is occurring as everyone starts transitioning to the same version (2.0.2).

As the small update rolls out across all platforms, some players will already be on 2.0.2 while others are still possibly asleep or just generally haven’t logged on post update.

Once all Kingdom members have updated, or when the force update releases in the next 24 hours or so, then this issue should no longer occur.

Edit - Please note: This is not the same “issue” as the rest of this thread is describing, currently if you are locked out of your Kingdom it will resolve as soon as all Kingdom members also update their game.