[Fixed] Bug in daily challenges

I’m expecting this is just a 1.3->1.4 day bug, but I’ve got several daily challenges that used to be shards in 1.3, but return no rewards and are blank now that I’ve upgraded to 1.4. Any way I can get my precious shards?

I have the same issue

The error specifically mentions relics. I got a similar one.

Hey everyone,

Passed this on asap and the team thinks they already might have a fix for it, just doing some quick testing before rolling out.



Fix is going live shortly, so anyone affected who had collected the older shards/relics will receive them in a second piece of conversion mail. Some may appear as 0 as only some of the items are the old versions.


Yay, thank you for the quick fix and response!

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A similar bug happened to me but I hadn’t completed any of the Daily Challenges before I updated the game at Daily Reset. The error code is slightly different. When will I be able to see what the blank rewards are and will I still be able fight those battles and receive those unknown rewards?

Will this be a client update or is the fix server side?

The fix was recently pushed, is anyone still experiencing this issue?

Fixed here.

Got the second email with 0 things converted, but my board had all relics on it so that should have been the correct outcome and the relics on the board were awarded behind the scenes.

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Fixed for me.
Need to have 20 characters.

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