Situation of access to t3 and t4 relics

Actually we can get t3 and t4 relics by following ways

  1. Shop
    1.1 daily offers
    Since upgrade to V1.0 I didn’t get daily offers in the shop for t3 relics for 15000 gold. This changed yesterday where I got 2 offers and today 1 offer.
    An offer for a t4 relic I got today first time for 1800 crowns.
    1.2 Bundles for VIP
    Actually we can buy legendary bundle with 3 t3-relics for 800 crowns and a mythic bundle with 4 t4-relics for 2000 crowns
    This seems much in quantity but all are different and for gear upgrade we need equal ones.
    So one bundle is just like a drop of water on a hot stone.
    1.3 Bundles / Evolution
    There are some other offers which are out of (my) discussion because highly expensive
  2. Daily challenges
    Since upgrade to V1.0 I don’t get any reward possibilities in form of t3 or t4 relics. Max is t2 relics. But number of follower crystals increased.
    Before V1.0 I had the chance to fight for about 2-3 t3-relics and about one t4- relic a month.
    → this should be rechanged
  3. Chests
    As I remember I got no t3 or t4-relics from chests
  4. Salvaging
    Within last 2 months I got about 3 t1-Relics in total. Salvaging of not fitting epic and legendary gear didn’t get better results. Sometimes I got upgrade runes or scrolls. This was more than before V1.0.
  5. Crafting
    Mythic Eveline can craft t3 and t4-relics.
    Because we need a lot of t3 and t4 relics and because they are often not the intended ones, there are following obstacles:
    A. There are not sufficient Eveline crystals: 1-2 weekly
    B. The crafting to t3 is marginally expensive. But for t4 by this way it is much too expensive and because of lack of needed resources unrealistic
  6. Marks
    One time a week we can exchange marks for relics.
    We can get enough ruby marks by events and kingdom bazaar for t3-relics.
    But diamond marks for t4- relics can only be got by events and in comparably low quantity. Additionally there is a concurrence situation by getting one glyph for 80 diamond marks weekly. This is definitely more attractive because there is no other source for glyphs except buying.
    → This means we will need an additional source for diamond marks!

I think you beat me to making this post. I was going to ask a similar question on discord today.

I’ve been thinking over the last few days how I haven’t been seeing many T3 relics in the daily challenges recently. I think I saw one recently in a level 90 dungeon which is not even remotely possible for me. Today was another example where I have a level 80 skirmish but it only has a T2 relic. I can just beat a level 80 skirmish but it will take me a whole heap of tries to do it. Hopefully I have enough time to do enough tries to get it but it’s barely worth that much time for T2 relic.

As for the T4 relics I got one a very long time ago before they changed the game so that elites/bosses got stun barriers. Since then I’ve only ever seen a couple of them and I have had no chance getting them. It has been an ongoing worry where I will get them from when I need them.

Update: I think the drop rate for t3 and t4 relics in the daily challenges improved since 2 weeks while the drop rate for follower crystals was reduced: last week I had the chance to fight for 2 t4 relics; this week 2 t3 and one t4 relic. None before 2weeks.
Crystals were reduced to about 1-2 a week. Before I got about 3-5.
This improvement is now on an expected kevel and appreciated. But I cannot understand it is not reported by devs.

No changes in the daily shop offers found (condition: every day refreshing up to 60 gems): no t3 relic for 15000 gold found

The situation for Eveline’s crystal is absolutely bad:
Only 1 weekly for 500 gems ( now 300) and none in the daily shop offers though upgraded 3 times every day.

This feels more like recency bias than a change behind the scenes in coding.

A month ago a player had a run of T4 relics, but none since. If you applied your logic to his experience, the changes were made a month ago, but were then withdrawn.

RNG will do what RNG does.


It’s hard to say…

But, in the face of uncertainty on the matter, I’d lean towards Sibellos’s position being the correct interpretation.

That said, anecdotally, the situation is weird for me as well.

For quite awhile, T3/4 relics pretty much did not exist for me. But, I was okay with that as I was all-but-literally drowning in follower crystals being thrown at me. So much so that most of my followers have made the majority of the journey to 50, with the early followers on the cusp of reaching 50.

In the last couple weeks, something changed. Nodding to Egara, challenge board crystals have almost entirely dried up. Where it was a “bad” day if at least one (if not two) crystals didn’t show up on the challenge board every day, now they practically don’t appear at all. Daily deals are now the main source of follower crystals for me.

On the other hand, I’ve seen 2 T4 relics and I’ve seen twice multiple T3 relics appear on the board in this time period. One of these rolls, I screenshotted.

Conversely, I have seen the absolute WORST challenge boards ever multiple times this week so far. Twice this week I have seen 2x Gold + 2x Food + 2x low/mid-tier rewards. Today was the best board for the week for me with 2 Epic relics, an average roll at best.

Bad RNG this week? Probably. RNG is very streaky in both directions. But, like Egara, I’m also suspicious that some loot table odds were changed again. Don’t see a clear way to prove that one way of the other objectively, though.

RNG was the opposite for me I’ve got a couple of follower crystals and I don’t think any T3 or t4 relics in the last couple of weeks.

Streak continues… do I get a prize for a vertical 3 of a kind?

At least the one Gem pack is something… sigh

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At least it is not food!

After my post yesterday I have a T4 relic available to me today! Yay! Unfortunately it’s locked behind a level 100 dungeon which I have no chance of completing. :frowning: I have a T2 relic locked behind a level 80 skirmish which I can do but it’s a bit of work for a T2 relic. The RNG is the RNG sometimes it runs warm sometimes it runs cold. Other items are normal items.

I now have 1 T4 relic after 9 months playing. (I should have 2 but there is a support ticket currently open for that)

Looking back the last three months the situation for t3 and t4 relics is a little improved by the possibility to get t4- relics for crowns in the shop but the overall situation is absolutely not satisfying and worsened by seasonal t3 and t4-relics which only can be got by opening caches with a very low chance and very, very low possibility to get the needed ancient coins.
According to my observations

  1. I had about 1 drop for a t4-relic per month in daily challenges and none to buy for gems or gold.
  2. I had about 2 t3-relics per month in daily challenges, 2 in the shop for gold, 1 in the bazaar and 1 weekly for ruby marks
    In most cases I am getting relics which I cannot use and must be changed to another type. But this needs Evelines crystals which are much too rare.
  3. For any relic- upgrading or relic-change we need an Eveline’s crystal. And this is a real problem because 1 crystal weekly for 300 gems and sometimes 1 for 120 crowns in the daily shop is very much too less!
    I think in July there was an Eveline’s Flash Offer with 5 crystals. I appreciated this much but the crystals were consumed within 2 weeks. And then nothing …

It is also near impossible to get T3 and T4 for the season 1.1 and 1.2 items.

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