[Fixed] Daily Challenge Bug Without Completed Battles

I first posted about this on another bug report thread but since the error messages and circumstances are different I wanted to post about it separately with more images.
I hadn’t completed any of the Daily Challenges prior to updating the game at Daily Reset. If I click on the Daily Challenges screen, I get an error message. Then I get a Battle screen with missing images and information. If I click where the missing items should be I get multiple error messages per missing images and information.

Here are more images.

Screenshot 2022-10-26 220156

Screenshot 2022-10-26 220130

These are the last two.

This would be all related to the other bug report. The challenges are using the old relic system but those relics don’t exist anymore.

This does appear to be the same issue, which should also be resolved once the fix is pushed through.

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Thank you for the quick response! I’m so relieved that the fix should address this issue too.