[Reported] 3-day event reset after update

I’m sorry I misread what a Dev wrote about the comp - they said they were “merging up” and my pre-coffee brain read it as “pushing out” I think I saw what I wanted to see.

But yes, the mail is actually live now :sweat_smile:

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I have received the balance 700 minutes back. Thanks again.

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I also bought the caches (100+300+500 gems for a total of 11 tokens per day) but I haven’t receive a partial refund for a tokens lost

@tau are you already on v1.4.5? If you’re still on v1.4 you won’t receive the mail as your event wasn’t messed up.

Yes, I’m on 1.4.5 since it was released and the only email I’ve got for that event is…

I was not able to use my 11 tokens on day 3 because Light event ended abruptly and the new Ice event has started (it will end in 18 hours)

Can I get your namecode? You can DM me it if you prefer.
I’ll follow up on what happened

Edit: I’ve DM’d Tau to work out what’s going on.

If anyone else missed the mail but should have gotten it let me know.

I’ve not received that mail either.

I also haven’t received the mail.
Namecode: FAYE_YEIR

Turns out the global mail is still in the process of sending out to everyone, so it hasn’t gotten up to you in the list yet!

If you still don’t have it tomorrow let me know.

Thank you. I will check again later.

I received the compensation, but I wonder why.
I spent 100 gems for a total of 4 tokens per day. If the event had finished normally, I would’ve won 100 gems.

We already got the event reward the other day, so why is the compensation needed? Even though I’m 100 gems plus thanks to the compensation, I feel like I don’t deserve it.

You couldn’t use the tokens on day 3, so you received less marks than you paid for. Thus, you deserve a compensation


Can confirm, I got my mail now.

In a way it makes sense, but in another it doesn’t. We get marks for every day that we participate in an event. So if I paticipate the next day, then it doesn’t really matter if it is the same event or a different one.

Having that in mind, what matters in the end is the reward from the leaderboard, and it was already paid.