Event Scoring Issue

Was working on Events, and somehow, between the end of cache 2, where I had the common perfect score for it (8820), and the end of cache 3, I was shorted points. I know for a fact I had all perfect scores and never ended a match with any health damage, but ended up at 13,800 instead of the normal 14,520. Now, there is little point in purchasing Cache 4, as I’m already guaranteed to lose out on at least 600 gems due to scoring issue.

Based on the points missing, it looks like some how one of the bosses killed didnt register.

After looking at the score for Teela before he/she completed the last fight, they were 750 points below me, and the other player with a perfect score was 720 points above me. Im assuming the mini boss is worth 720, and the main boss is worth 750 on that 11th battle, and that somehow the miniboss score didn’t count towards my progression