Final Early Access Impressions

After going about dungeon farming, seeing the first set of patch notes, and seeing what “balancing” has been done so far, i will leave off my final impressions as PQ3 is not in a state for me to continue to play at all. Simply put it’s no longer fun anymore.

  1. Chests.
    Seems like this one puts a lot of people on edge. I consider this more of a phone game rather than something i play on the PC. Play for ~ 30mins, get the bounties done. Gather up some loot tickets and call it a day. Collect and open chests when timers expire. With the amount of dungeon markers you get later on, add on top of “octoghoul” pet which nets you 16% chance at common to give you a key, i personally never found the chest amount or timer an actual issue. As mentioned in my other post, this is a f2p game. If this chest system happened in a game where you had to pay $40 to just turn the game on, then everyone would go bananas crazy. It’s the compromise and honestly, a fairly good one too.

  2. Gameplay
    Now i might be a bit bias cause RIP runic bug but actually that provided a lot of fun for me. Why? Because i didn’t have to spend 5-10minutes rerolling the starting board just to even play the game. The level of frustration it is now just to play the game is ridiculous now. Being fully dependant on a starting board is a big crux to the game right now, especially the end game.

  3. Balancing.
    This is where i was actually really disappointed with the patch notes. Nothing was actually done… :frowning:
    I strongly suggest the dev team to take a look at the game as a whole or else the gameplay, at its core, is going to keep getting more and more stale and meta revolved. (See way too powerful items as examples)

The community, right now is suggesting tons of things, which shows how much they care. Speak your mind and don’t be afraid community of PQ3!

Best wishes to everyone’s chest opening and board matching!

  • Tunaboat

Just wanted to say we have been looking at gameplay and balancing, but at this point our patches will be more focused on bug fixing until the game is more playable. We have our team working on balancing as well, and it is a big priority, so it will be addressed in future.

I hope future patch note can state every balance change clearly and avoid undocumented change :slight_smile:

Please roll it out in Netherlands. The gow game is cool but not much left to win in that game

When…any? day soon… I wait…

Please roll it out soon